Ministry of Environmental Protection

Environmental Protection

Goran Trivan Minister Took office 29 June 2017 Address: Omladinskih brigada 1, Belgrade Tel: +381 1131 10271 E-mail: Website:

We Talk Loudly About All Environmental Issues

We are determined in our intentions to systematically and consistently resolve environmental issues and participate actively in all regional and global activities that contribute...

Campaign launched to save eastern imperial eagles in Serbia

Minister of Environmental Protection of Serbia, Goran Trivan, said that the campaign to save eastern imperial eagles in Serbia was intended to spread awareness...

Year Of Turnarounds

Serbia is awaited by a huge job in the years ahead when it comes to advancing environmental protection, and some of the most important...

Chapter 27 – The Most Technically Complicated

Chapter 27 in EU accession negotiations is the most technically complicated and most expensive Chapter – with more than 200 EU regulations waiting to...

Protecting Nature & Applying Global Multilateral Agreements

The area of nature protection is encompassed, at the national level, by the legislative framework for environmental protection that has its basis in the...

International Cooperation on Environmental Protection

By its nature, the environment extends beyond political and legal frameworks, and other boundaries created by man. International and cross-border cooperation between countries is...

Managing Municipal Waters in Serbia

There are about 45 existing municipal wastewater treatment facilities in Serbia, a very small number of which are functioning, and only a few fully...

Natural Environment & Security

The natural environment is exposed to evident changes in terms of degradation in many segments, due to the ever more dynamic development of society,...

Investing Towards The EU

The Multi-Annual Investment and Financing Plan represents an innovative tool for investment growth CURRENT STATE OF PLAY The challenge faced by EU Candidate Countries related to...

Inspection Oversight & Education

In addition to the national inspectorate for environmental protection, numerous laws have also entrusted tasks of inspection overishgt to numerous local governments, the City...

World Environment Day Marked In Serbia

"As we are collecting plastic bottles here today, I ask all citizens to do the same.  How our country will look like depends on all of us"

Climate-smart Innovative Ideas Awarded

"The response received, and the quality of the ideas once again proved that Serbia is a country of smart and creative people and that it is possible, with the right incentive, to change Serbia for better in the field of environmental protection"

We Don’t Rush – We Work Thoughtfully

In order to be ready to commence negotiations on Chapter 27, you must perfectly know the state of the environment in your country. As illustrated by the example of finding illegal waste storage, there are many more challenges ahead of us than we think. That's why I'm opposed to the opening of this negotiating chapter, which already cost some new EU member states a lot

Heading For The EU

The Law on Inspection Supervision, the full implementation of which began on 30th April 2016, introduced important novelties regulating the treatment of unregistered entities and establishing a risk assessment and management system for inspections

Large But Cost – Effective Investment

The negotiations and the opening of Chapter 27 is one of the greatest challenges for Serbia in the process of accession to the European Union. Encouraged by the establishment of a special Ministry of Environmental Protection, the new environmental administration has enthusiastically taken a number of steps to develop and define the “environmental status quo” to enable the opening of negotiating Chapter 27

The Four “I”s Of Serbia’s Environment Portfolio

The current state of play in Serbia’s green investment portfolio might seem grim even to connoisseurs – but only at first glance. Even with the current low rate of investments and projects in the pipeline, a reality check shows that Serbia might be the future investment Eldorado when it comes to capital environmental infrastructure projects

Reduce Climate Change Impacts

The need to utilise renewable energy sources emerged after alarming warnings of the ramifications of using fossil fuels and greenhouse gas emissions as by-products of fossil fuel combustion, which leads to climatic changes, primarily global warming

Better Understanding Of Protocol’s Importance Needed

In April 2013, the Republic of Serbia became the twenty-sixth Party to the UNECE/WHO Protocol on Water and Health to the UNECE Convention on the Protection and Use of Transboundary Watercourses and International Lakes

Environmental Problems In Vojvodina – Possible Solutions

Vojvodina’s main resources are its agriculture, oil, gas, waterways... Vojvodina’s main environmental issues are a lack of wastewater treatment plants, unregulated waste management, a lack of windbreaks, a disastrously small percentage of woodlands, and natural disasters caused by climate change

What Are “Eco Vehicles”?

We all know what a “sports car” or “allterrain vehicle” is, while some who are better informed know what the “B-segment” of European car classification is, or what a “crossover” is in terms of an all-terrain vehicle intended for city driving, but what’s an ‘Eco Vehicle’?

Growing Interest In Green Economy Projects

Ahead of Serbia is the major job of improving energy efficiency and agriculture. All the required outgoings should be viewed as investments and opportunities for further development, and not as an expense