H.E. Iztok Jarc, Ambassador of Slovenia to Serbia

Respected readers, As you may know, I arrived in Belgrade only recently and I am glad to observe the dynamic development of truly diverse relations...

Business Growing on Both Sides

Economic cooperation between Slovenia and Serbia gets better each year, both in terms of exports and imports, but also in terms of investments. This is a result of the strong growth potential of technologically advanced Slovenian companies and the ability of Serbia's domestic market to offer strong opportunities for business development

Both Quantity & Quality of Cooperation Improving

Slovenian and Serbian companies are entering into increasingly complex forms of cooperation, creating consortiums for joint production operations and the joint development of products and services in almost all segments of business, from agribusiness, via industry to ICT, the creative industries and scientifictechnological cooperation

Nursery of Good Business Ties

Last year's trade exchange between Slovenia and Serbia exceeded 1.5 billion euros, while this exchange has more than doubled over the past ten years. The Slovenian Business Club has for years represented a source of new ideas for the development of cooperation between the two countries' businesspeople

Fusing Experience and New Technology

The CEKIBEO team aspires to bridge the gap between civil engineering branch – such as hydraulic and structural engineering, transportation and hydraulics, roads-highwaybridges and hydraulics – topping them all with awareness of environmental issues

We’ll Repeat the Historically Positive 2018

NLB Banka Belgrade is part of the NLB Group, which operates on 12 markets with its 45 members. It represents a stable partner that enables the use of numerous financial products and services for every type of business, supports clients in different circumstances and fosters partnership relations with them

Changes are the Only Constant

Vip mobile, which is part of the international A1 Telekom Austria Group, the leading telecommunications provider in the CEE region, holds a leadership position in Serbia in different segments, despite being the youngest operator on the market. Having already amassed more than 2.2 million users, the company sees opportunities for further growth primarily in the development of digital services

We Have a Strong and Clear Focus

Halcom is a pioneering company in the development of modern solutions for payment systems, and thanks to its rich experience and innovation, its solutions are used by more than 70 banks, as well as three central banks and clearing houses on eight markets across three continents

Voluntary Pensions are the Future

Prva Group, with its companies, is one of the biggest providers of voluntary and mandatory pensions in Southeast Europe. This group is also active in life and health insurance on some markets, and is thus being able to provide a full range of services for its 500,000 customers

15 Years and Counting

The Slovenian Business Club in Serbia forms a stable, unbreakable bridge between the economies of Serbia and Slovenia that has been fulfilling its mission...

Awakening the Economy of Ajdovščina

Ajdovščina is situated in western Slovenia, alongside the border with Italy, and represents the economic, educational and cultural hub of the Vipava Valley. Ajdovščina was hit quite hard by the economic recession, but the local economy has recovered with the great help of various grants and other stimulations

Slovenia – Hidden Gem

Tiny Slovenia is a veritable treasure trove of attractions and activities – from Venetian coastal towns to white-water rafting – that would rival a country many times its size. Despite being Slavic to the core, its cuisine, culture and even architecture have been influenced strongly by its neighbours – Italy, Austria, Croatia and Hungary. The incredible mixture of climates here brings warm Mediterranean breezes up to the foothills of the Alps, where it can nonetheless snow even during summer. And with more than half of its total area forested, Slovenia really is one of the world's greenest countries. The general and unerring impression is also that Slovenia is quietly conservative, deeply self-confident, remarkably broad-minded, extremely tolerant and very, very hospitable

Promising Partnership

As Serbia is adjusting to the regulatory requirements of the European market with determination, and EU accession is becoming a reality, Slovenia makes an ideal economic partner, given historical facts, the closeness of the market and knowledge of the language

Our Cooperation Is Constantly Improving

Political relations between Serbia and Slovenia are harmonious, while the rapid growth of the Slovenian economy and the healthy advancement of the Serbian economy have contributed to the “good vibrations” being transferred to increasing goods exchanges and investment

We’re Working & Progressing Together

For the first time since they formed part of a common country, Slovenia and Serbia last year exceeded the figure of a billion euros in their bilateral trade exchange, and at the beginning of 2018 Serbia is recording a surplus in this trade, with a large number of Slovenian exporters who invested here contributing to that, but also the agility of domestic companies that are increasingly improving their position on the Slovenian market

Berlinski proces nije utešna nagrada za Balkan

Postoji dosta snažno mišljenje da je izjava predsednika Evropske komisije (Ž. K. Junker) o zaustavljanju proširenja za vreme njegovog mandata bila prilično nesrećna, s obzirom na to da zemljama Zapadnog Balkana članstvo u EU predstavlja jedinu viziju i najbolju opciju za njihov razvoj. Verujem da će Evropska komisija u novom sastavu imati mudriji pristup – Nj. e. Vladimir Gasparič

Both Form & Heart

The existence of a vision in setting goals, perseverance and dedication in their accomplishment, and (why not?) a certain dose of romance – this is the recipe for the enduring presence and growth of the Slovenian Business Club

Everything I Painted Relates to My Life

Slovenian painter Metka Krašovec, who passed away in April, was unique for several reasons. She was as fearlessly sincere as only a woman can be, while her sensibility manifested through fantastical images, creatures, landscapes and atmospheres – All of her famous red paintings from the 1970s, via the eruption of enigmatic and witty drawings from the ‘80s, to the angelic creatures in timeless landscapes that she has painted from the ‘90s onwards