Igor Dodić, Law Firm Dodić Đurić Dabić

Legal Practise Is The Backbone Of Business

Law firm Dodić Đurić Dabić has vast experience when it comes to working with business. Their clients include local and foreign companies operating in the fields of construction, IT, energy, transport, import and export, while they also include several insurance companies

In work with the real estate sector, Dodić Đurić Dabić is considered a very reliable partner, as its team does everything successfully – from choosing a construction location, obtaining permits and cooperating with works contractors, to representation during the sale and renting of residential units and business premises.

Your clients include a number of insurance companies, including one from Slovenia. Are there products that have yet to fully emerge on our insurance market?

– In view of the fact that legal practise is an integral part of every business, our law firm is a friend to its clients because it takes care about their operations and advises them with the aim of protecting their interests. As such, in the insurance field we advise clients to conclude insurance policy claims through which the client transfers the risk of collection claims from themselves to their insurance. In the case that the buyer of products and services fails to fulfil their obligation to pay within a given deadline, the insurance pays the insured amount to the client and thereby reduces the client’s business risk, provides security and certainty in payment and increases their competitiveness, all of which leads to the growth of sales and revenue. We also suggest that clients take out transport insurance.

There are no secrets for you in the real estate sector. What led to the construction sector’s expansion?

– The current situation on the Serbian real estate market is extremely favourable for both investors and buyers. The stable political and economic climate in Serbia has contributed to the expansion of the construction sector, along with the fact that Belgrade is the centre of the region and thus ever more foreign companies have headquarters in Belgrade.

The stable political and economic climate in Serbia has contributed to the expansion of the construction sector, along with the fact that Belgrade is the centre of the region

Real estate prices have increased in some locations by 100% over the last five years. And real estate prices remain lower compared to other European capitals even with such a price hike, which is why we consider it a good idea for companies and individuals from Slovenia to invest in constructing or buying real estate in Serbia, as prices are estimated to continue rising.

We know that you also deal with energy… Does the introduction of the concept of institution of buyers-producers of electricity on our market mean that conditions have been met for the construction of solar power plants and that there’s now a need to invest in solar panels?

– With the 2021 adoption of the Law on the Use of Renewable Energy Sources, conditions have been met for the construction of solar power plants, which will contribute significantly to ensuring a stable future for Serbia’s electricity market, as this reduces our energy supply dependence on other countries. We thus consider this the right time to invest in the construction of solar power plants.

With this law, the concept of the institute of buyers-producers of electricity was introduced, which enables citizens and businesses to install solar panels on their facilities that will produce electricity for their own needs, and they can sell or exchange whatever energy they don’t consume for kilowatt hours. The procedure is relatively simple and can be carried out in just a few steps. The essential protection of the environment is achieved in this way, while savings are created in the budgets of both households and businesses, and Serbia becomes a modern European state.


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