Nemanja Đurić, Civil Structural Engineer, MOBECO d.o.o.

Always The First Choice

Mobeco was founded by Put Inženjering for the construction of large business facilities, and is successfully operating in Slovenia, Croatia, and this year in Hungary, successfully competing with much larger companies

In a short period of time, Mobeco can build thousands of square metres of production and storage space, in controlled conditions for certified production, at a competitive price. Currently, intensive work is being done on expanding production capacity and the range of construction products, with the introduction of new automated production lines. In this way, Mobeco will confirm its leading position as a supplier of prefabricated concrete structures in this region.

Are you satisfied with the results you have achieved and the place you occupy after only five years?

– I can say that I am. Like any company on a new market, Mobeco has had many and varied challenges in the past to position, prove and build its image and name. After five years of business on the Slovenian market, we are largely present in Croatia, and from this year we are active in Hungary. Every year we do better than the previous one, and the number of buildings doubles.

You specialise in building large business premises for production and storage. What are the advantages of prefabricated construction in the high-rise buildings you offer?

– The advantages are primarily reflected in quality and speed. Prefabricated concrete structures have always been synonymous with speed in construction. We are able to build thousands of square metres of production and storage space in a short period of time, depending on the complexity of the project itself.

Mobeco has had many and varied challenges, but it has successfully positioned itself, proved itself and built its image and name

Since the production of construction products takes place in controlled and certified conditions, we are not dependent on weather conditions, so that work is possible throughout the year. Even if we add to all the above that the whole arrangement is obtained at a competitive price, it is clear which choice is the right one.

One of the main advantages of prefabricated construction is speed. Has that brought you new clients and jobs today, when more is being built than ever? Is it time to expand capacity?

– Of course it is. I will cite an example where we were the only ones in the wider environment for a facility located in Croatia who were able to meet the challenge in a very short time, which we did successfully, thanks to the largest production capacity of prefabricated mezzanine or roof slabs. As far as the expansion of production capacities is concerned, this is being worked on intensively, together with an expansion of the range of construction products, the introduction of new automated production lines etc. As the market develops, Mobeco is consequently developing, and in this way we will confirm our leading position as a supplier of prefabricated concrete structures in this region.

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