Montenegro Business

We Have Room for Growth On New Foundations

Montenegro's potential lies, among other areas, in investing in renewable energy sources, constructing green buildings, developing sustainable organic agriculture, advancing energy efficiency and in...

Thorough Approach to Public Administration Reform

Although public administration reform is a complex issue, Montenegro has been recording significant progress in this area. The Ministry is also considering thoroughly how...

New Partnerships for Infrastructure Development

Montenegro needs innovative solutions in the area of infrastructure, as well as efficient and effective partnerships between the public sector and private companies. It...

We Have Reason to Be Satisfied

The banking system in Montenegro is stable, highly capitalised, liquid and profitable, while most key indicators, such as deposits, loans, balance sheets, bad loans...

The Government Listens to Our Recommendations

The Chamber of Commerce of Montenegro provides a strong professional contribution to improving the business environment for the development of all sectors of the...

Shared Successes Represent the Best Protection for Montenegro’s Future

Dear readers, We live in turbulent times filled with challenges and changes. One of the greatest crises in human history is still smouldering. New economic...

We Lead a Responsible Economic Policy

The strong growth of Montenegro's economy in 2018 is encouraging and provides an incentive for us to continue this economic growth trend. Such positive trends are already reflecting on the improvement of citizens' living standards and the creation of new jobs

We Have a Jewel That We’re Carefully Preserving

There are few destinations in the world like Montenegro, where you can enjoy both beautiful beaches and medieval coastal towns on the same day, and then head to mountains, authentic ethno-villages and five national parks

Fastest Growth in The Region

In the first nine months of 2018, Montenegro Airlines achieved the highest year-on-year growth among all airlines from the territory of the former Yugoslavia in terms of the number of transported passengers

Good Conditions for Continuing Economic Growth

Montenegro is continuing its stable economic growth supported by the measures of the country's central bank, which enables the unhindered functioning of the banking system, which contributes to strengthening the economy's competitiveness and liquidity

We Should Proceed With Reforms

Montenegro's potential for economic growth lies in tourism, energy, agriculture and industry. As such, the focus should be on increasing economic competitiveness, along with the implementation of structural reforms and infrastructure development, in order to create conditions for the greater inflow of domestic and foreign investments

We Have Reasons to be Optimistic

The Foreign Investors Council welcomes the efforts exerted by the Government aimed at improving the investment climate. We are particularly pleased by the government's commitment to eliminating obstacles hindering the strengthening of the business environment and improving the efficiency of state and local administration

Preparing for EU Membership Responsibly

Montenegro is already, to a significant degree, behaving and acting in accordance with what is expected of a (future) EU member state, in the expectation that it will utilise the period until accession in the right way to prepare for membership

We’ll Have a Stable Growth Path

If we compare the current situation to the one less than a year ago, we can state unreservedly that the overall macro-fiscal situation has improved significantly and that we have a stable growth path for the coming period. This is not only our assessment but also that of the IMF and the World Bank

We Have Always Been Clear About Our Euro Path

By becoming the sovereign and internationally recognised state after the May referendum in 2006, we fulfilled the obligation to respect our history, but at the same time we secured valuable Euro and Euro Atlantic integrations and economic success. We are committed to attaining EU standards without burdening ourselves with its internal relations.

Affirm Good Neighbourly Relations in the Region

The past decade was marked by the strong progress of Montenegro on its path towards the European Union, based on the foreign policy orientation of Montenegro and its commitment to European and Euro-Atlantic integration

Accepting European Standards

Connecting the region and strengthening ties with the EU are important preconditions for further progress and the full integration of the region. Accepting European standards should result in economic growth and improvement of the quality of life of citizens, which the Government of Montenegro has recognised as a priority

On The Right Track

European and Euro-Atlantic integration contribute significantly to further increasing the competitiveness of the economy and the attractiveness of the country, and the government of Montenegro strives to further strengthen these positive trends through a series of reform moves