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Societe Generale Serbia has digital cards: Pay by phone at any...

Societe Generale Serbia has launched mCard - a service that enables contactless payment by smartphone at all POS terminals in the country and abroad,...

Sogelease Serbia again the financial leasing market leader at the end...

With a total of 88 million euros of new placements in 2018, Sogelease Serbia has once again upheld the position of the absolute leader...

Olivera Zulović, Affluent Clients Manager, Societe Generale Bank

Avantage – Keeping Up With Your Success

Avantage premium business model offers clients superior banking expertise and service, which saves time, but also money
Societe Generale Bank

Euromoney: Societe Generale Serbia the Best Bank in Cash Management

Societe Generale Bank Serbia, according to the results of a survey made by the leading financial magazine Euromoney, was named the best bank in...
Mihajlo Živković, President of the Legal Committee of the FIC

Mihajlo Živković, President of the Legal Committee of the FIC (Societe Generale Banka Srbija)

Achieving Good Regulations In Dialogue With The Economy

The proponents of new laws and regulatory amendments should listen to the ideas, proposals and demands of the market, as that is the only way to achieve a proper overview of the best solutions and ensure good practical application
Goran Pitić Societe Generale Bank NALED Fair Competition Alliance

Goran Pitić, Chairman Of The Management Board Of Societe Generale Bank And Chairman Of The NALED Fair Competition Alliance

Technology Makes A Cashless Society Inevitable

“It is certain that Serbia will not be able to catch up with the likes of Sweden or Canada for a long time, but it is necessary for us to work on education and break the fear of new technologies"

Societe Generale Acquires Part Of Jubanka’s Credit Portfolio

Societe Generale Serbia has acquired the credit portfolio of Jubanka clients, the former Alpha Bank which since April 20017 has been fully owned by...

Societe Generale: Generator Competition Winners Declared

In the final of the major prize competition Generator, organised by Societe Generale Bank, entrepreneurial innovations were presented by 10 teams and evaluated by...
Ivana Todorović, Head Of External Communications, Societe Generale Srbija

Ivana Todorović, Head Of External Communications, Societe Generale Srbija

Support To Entrepreneurship And Innovations

Societe Generale Srbija marks a significant jubilee this year – 40 years of doing business in Serbia. During the previous decades, besides the development of its own operations, the bank has been dedicated and contributed to the community in which it operates. Speaking about the key values in terms of corporate social responsibility that are led by this bank, which is one of the leaders on the domestic financial market, is Ivana Todorović, head of external communications at Societe Generale Srbija
NALED Developing A Cashless Society In Serbia 2017

Developing a Cashless Society in Serbia

NALED and the Serbian Ministry of Finance, under the patronage of company Mastercard, in partnership with Societe Generale Bank and in cooperation with the...


Digitisation – Equal Chances For All Citizens

Enabling every citizen to access government information and services via their mobile phones, anytime and anywhere, would save significant time and money

EIB And Societe Generale Sign Contract To Support SMEs

European Investment Bank (EIB) and Societe Generale sign 60 million euros finance contracts for support to small and medium companies

Societe Generale Awards The Best Entrepreneurial Ideas

Societe Generale Bank has launched its major “Generator” contest, with the chance to register entrepreneurial ideas available to all individuals, teams, entrepreneurs or firms wanting to launch a new business or develop their existing operations. The main prize money is a million dinars, while the audience prize is worth 500,000 dinars and prizes will also be provided by partners in this competition. The deadline to submit applications is 10th October
Goran Pitic

Goran Pitić, Chairman Of The Management Board Of Societe Generale Bank Srbija

Digitisation Can Be Our Winning Ticket

An important precondition is perseverance and commitment to European integration, because that defines the quality of future operations and social arrangements, and in some way, provides a “guarantee” for operations in the future.

Societe Generale’s New Debit Cards, Enhanced Product And Service Packages

Societe General bank offers its current and future clients enhanced set of products and services which include three new Debit Mastercard contactless cards – standard, Gold and Platinum

Maria Rousseva, Predsednica izvršnog odbora Societe Generale banke

Naši klijenti supartneri banke

U veoma konkurentnom poslovnom okruženju i sa svim izazovima koje donose globalne ekonomske prilike, Sosijete ženeral banka je u jubilarnu, 40. godišnjicu na srpskom tržištu ušla sa izuzetnim rezultatima iz 2016; ostvareni profit posle oporezivanja bio je 29,9 miliona evra, što je za oko 80 odsto više nego prethodne godine. To je, ujedno, najbolji finansijski rezultat Banke otkako posluje u Srbiji
Societe Generale HostsCCFS Members

Societe Generale HostsCCFS Members

Monthly CCFS members meeting

e-Business – The Only Cure For Bureaucracy

In a country where a medium-sized bank prints 11 million papers a year, a retail chain spends €150,000 on storing documents, shelves in state institutions reach into dozens of kilometres, and ordinary people have to show pay slips at official counters to prove that they have paid the fee, the only way out of bureaucracy is the development of e-business