Olivera Zulović, Affluent Clients Manager, Societe Generale Bank

Avantage – Keeping Up With Your Success

Avantage premium business model offers clients superior banking expertise and service, which saves time, but also money

Plan to invest your funds in real estate? Want the best education for your child or a safe future by retaining your savings? If you have these or similar ambitions, you will need the right financial advice and support on how to achieve them. In short, you will need the services of Avantage, a Societe Generale Bank business model. Olivera Zulović, manager for affluent clients of Societe Generale Bank Serbia explains to us what it implies and what benefits it brings to clients.

What is the Avantage business model?

Avantage is a banking experience that any client with many desires and obligations but little time longs for and expects. The entire concept of the Avantage business model offers our premium clients security in planning their personal finances. It is designed for everyone with high expectations of daily banking and of products and services that support their lifestyle. Professional support from their bankers is constantly at their disposal. Our duty is to offer exceptional daily banking, the highest service quality, constant availability and top expertise.

What are the daily banking benefits for Avantage clients?

When they are not in the office, businessmen work on the go, between meetings and calendar bookings. For financial planning, the Avantage business model offers premium clients both top-quality banking expertise and time-saving service, but also money through a number of benefits at their disposal such as m-banking and e-banking payment applications and transactions without commission, support in planning savings or investing in securities.

Our duty is to offer exceptional daily banking, the highest service quality, constant availability and top expertise

Bankers are also available in online bank branches, both after business hours and at weekends. Personal bankers of Avantage clients are also branch managers, which means that these clients` requests are processed as a priority.

What distinguishes Avantage from classic banking services is the concept of ‘Avantage učitavanje’ events. What do the clients – visitors to these events receive from you?

They receive an unforgettable experience which cannot be financially compensated and also great impressions after exceptionally well-designed theme events that are retold for months. “Avantage učitavanje“ is a series of several events in a year which we organize following the interests of our clients. So far, we have ‘taken’ their families to horse racing, where they had the opportunity to be horse owners for a day, while the bravest could follow the race riding in a judge’s jeep. We have also taken them through the underground passages of the old city heart of our capital and told them the secrets of the love life of the Obrenović dynasty.

Investing in a relationship with clients based on trust is the right thing to do, if we understand what they expect from us

The home of the famous architect Ilija Gligorijević, a scene of turbulent artistic life, was the meeting place of the Avantage clients at the last Učitavanje event we organized last year. We peeked into a house whose interior and aesthetics leave nobody indifferent. Societe Generale Serbia seeks to offer unique experience from the worlds of culture, business and art to its premium clients even outside working hours. ’Učitavanje’ is our way to share pleasant experiences, enrich ourselves and spice up relationships with clients. The whole team we are organizing events with is positively ‘infected’ by Učitavanje, and we inevitably transfer this inspiration to our clients.

In general, Avantage implies a unique type of personalized access to clients?

We realize that the personalized approach is the right approach after we make sure that our clients have built an almost friendly relationship with our bankers, which is the result of great confidence in our expertise and quality of service. 

We have invested a lot of effort into researching and understanding the actual needs of our users and I believe Avantage is the answer to the whole lifestyle of individuals, and much more than banking. Investing in a relationship with clients based on trust is the right thing to do if we understand what they expect from us. I think every manager should be curious to test himself as many services as possible that he offers to his clients because only in this way he can recognize what is a good product or if further improvements are needed. On the other hand, the same curiosity motivates us to ask them for suggestions and advice, to test the boundaries of the whole concept for affluent clients and move them further together.

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