Slovenian Business Club’s annual Martinovanje event

This year, at the traditional event of the SPK Martinovanje 2018 - wine festival, the Slovenian Business Club in cooperation with the Slovenian Tourist...

Slovenian Business Club: Martinovanje 2018

This year, at the traditional event of the SPK Martinovanje 2018 - wine festival, the Slovenian Business Club in cooperation with the Slovenian Tourist...

27th Anniversary Of Slovenian National Day

The Embassy of the Republic of Slovenia marked the 27th anniversary of the National Day with an official reception at the Metropol Palace Hotel. The...

Promising Partnership

As Serbia is adjusting to the regulatory requirements of the European market with determination, and EU accession is becoming a reality, Slovenia makes an ideal economic partner, given historical facts, the closeness of the market and knowledge of the language

Our Cooperation Is Constantly Improving

Political relations between Serbia and Slovenia are harmonious, while the rapid growth of the Slovenian economy and the healthy advancement of the Serbian economy have contributed to the “good vibrations” being transferred to increasing goods exchanges and investment

We’re Working & Progressing Together

For the first time since they formed part of a common country, Slovenia and Serbia last year exceeded the figure of a billion euros in their bilateral trade exchange, and at the beginning of 2018 Serbia is recording a surplus in this trade, with a large number of Slovenian exporters who invested here contributing to that, but also the agility of domestic companies that are increasingly improving their position on the Slovenian market

Both Form & Heart

The existence of a vision in setting goals, perseverance and dedication in their accomplishment, and (why not?) a certain dose of romance – this is the recipe for the enduring presence and growth of the Slovenian Business Club

Everything I Painted Relates to My Life

Slovenian painter Metka Krašovec, who passed away in April, was unique for several reasons. She was as fearlessly sincere as only a woman can be, while her sensibility manifested through fantastical images, creatures, landscapes and atmospheres – All of her famous red paintings from the 1970s, via the eruption of enigmatic and witty drawings from the ‘80s, to the angelic creatures in timeless landscapes that she has painted from the ‘90s onwards

Born To Play Basketball

The youngest player ever to march his team to a Final Four is now the youngest to become the Turkish Airlines EuroLeague MVP, as well. Slovenian born Luka Doncic, who turned 19 on the last day of February, was voted by the fans and media as the 2017-18 season's best player after leading Real Madrid through a minefield of injuries all the way to championship game against Fenerbahce Dogus Istanbul

Education For The 21st Century

In the 10 years that it has existed in Serbia, studies at the DOBA faculty have been completed by 410 students, 64 per cent of whom advanced following graduation, and most of whom have rich experience and major ambitions

Industry 4.0 Slovenia-Serbia Digital Transformation Of The Economy

The Slovenian Business Club (SPK) and the Embassy of the Republic of Slovenia in Serbia, organised a panel discussion on the topic "Industry 4.0 Slovenia-Serbia Digital Transformation of the Economy", within the 62nd International Fair of Techniques and Technological Achievements in Belgrade.

Slovenian Business Club – SPK Elects New Managing Board

At this year's Assembly of the Slovenian Business Club (SPK), Danijela Fišakov was unanimously re-appointed president.

Our Relations Can Only Improve

Slovenia and Serbia are friendly countries that have a lot in common and are known to have varied and rich relations. I am confident that, after the next Serbian government is elected, we will further strengthen our economic cooperation to the benefit of our citizens

Through Cooperation To Quality Services In The Region

Serbia is one of the key markets for Slovenian company SŽ-Cargo, which is part of Slovenian Railways. Since early 2015, its subsidiary company, SI-Cargo Logistics d.o.o., has been operating in Belgrade

Adapt To Rapid Market Changes

With its web shop, the company OVEN Elektro Maribor has already achieved visibility and a presence in the region, and in this way citizens and enterprises in Serbia can also browse and order all products

SPK New Year Reception

President of the Slovenian Business Club (SPK), Danijela Fišakov, welcomed guests to the SPK New Year’s celebration and briefly summarised 2017 as a successful...

The International Annual Presidents` Forum

"Globalization is done! It is now about management, and not about business. It is about being together in one world." The International Annual Presidents` Forum...

Working Meeting Of The Slovenian Business Club

A working meeting organised by the Slovenian Business Club (SPK) has been held at Belgrade’s IN Hotel on the topic “Political and Economic Cooperation...

Hotel InterContinental Ljubljana Opening Ceremony

A ceremonial handover of keys on 27th September marked the formal opening of InterContinental Ljubljana

Delta Real Estate Opens Hotel InterContinental Ljubljana

Ljubljana has seen the ceremonial opening of the Hotel InterContinental, the Slovenian capital’s first 5-star hotel

Slovenian Comic’s Parody

A Slovenian comic who has attracted millions of online hits with extravagant musical parodies of such figures as Vladimir Putin, Donald Trump and the...

Slovenian Statehood Day Commemorated

Ambassador Gasparič welcomed guests at the marking of the Statehood Day of the Republic of Slovenia and Slovenian Army Day

SPK Working Meeting With Igor Mirović

Vojvodina business environment and investment climate presented to the large number of Slovenian Business Club members and officials in attendance

5th IEDC Case Study Competition and MBA for a Day in Serbia

Six Serbian companies are competing in IEDC case study competition and its main aim is to promote business education

Working Meeting Of The Slovenian Business Club

The Slovenian Business Club organised a Working Meeting with Željko Sertić, Director of the Development Agency of Serbia, covering the subject of conditions for...

OVEN Elektro Maribor: Look To The Future

The company “OVEN Elektro Maribor” specialises in generating electricity from renewable energy sources, but also in sales of electric bicycles, self-balancing scooters, IR heating panels and other forms of using and promoting renewable energy sources

Traditional Martinovanje Celebration In Belgrade

Celebration of the Feast of St. Martin in Belgrade on 17th November

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