Serbian Chamber of Commerce

Serbian Chamber of Commerce & Industry (PKS/SCCI)

2017 Zhejiang Export Fair

2017 Zhejiang Export Fair

Biggest fair of Chinese manufacturers in Belgrade
Commissioner Elżbieta Bieńkowska Visits Belgrade

Commissioner Elżbieta Bieńkowska Visits Belgrade

Ms Bieńkowska participated in a panel discussion on the topic “Accession to the European Union: industrial policy and policies of small and medium-sized enterprises in terms of economic growth and employment”
Serbian Chamber Of Commerce Opens Offices In China Marko Cadez

Serbian Chamber Of Commerce Opens Offices In China

Offices in Beijing and Shanghai opened in the presence of the President of Serbian Chamber of Commerce Marko Čadež

Nenad Budimović, Secretary-General, Association for Livestock and Processing of Livestock Products, Serbian Chamber of Commerce

Product Control From Farm To Table

It is possible to establish complete control of products – from the farm to the table – and this is the objective of the whole concept of safe food production: primary producers, transport, processing and production of food, distribution and retail storage
Presentation Of Negotiating Chapter 6 2017 FIC Tanja Miscevic

Presentation Of Negotiating Chapter 6

The Foreign Investors Council (FIC) and the Ministry of Economy held a presentation
€225m Value Added From The Coca-Cola System

€225m Value Added From The Coca-Cola System

Every job at the Coca-Cola System supports 11 additional jobs in the economy, equal to 0.6% of the labour force
Pertti Ikonen, Serbia-Finland Business Forum

Serbia-Finland Business Forum

Introducing possibilities for cooperation between Finnish and Serbian companies and institutions
New Technologies in Education 2017

New Technologies in Education 2017

4th conference and fair aiming to help improve the quality of education through the use of information and communication technologies
Marko Cadez, Aleksandar Vucic and Philippe Guex

Dual VET In The Function Of An Efficient Labour Market

The Chamber of Commerce & Industry of Serbia hosted a conference entitled “Dual VET in the function of an efficient Labour Market”, which was held in the context of the official visit to Serbia of Swiss State Secretary for Education, Research and Innovation, H.E. Dr Mauro Dell'Ambrogio
Best of Serbia 2016 winners

Winners Of The “Best of Serbia 2016” Declared

Traditional awards to the most successful domestic product and corporate brands
Marko Čadež

Marko Čadež, President Of The Chamber Of Commerce & Industry

Companies Will Have The Workers They Need

The Chamber will play an active role during all implementation phases of the new vocational education model: by assessing the needs of the economy for existing and new occupations; keeping a register of accredited jobs; education; organising exams; licensing mentors and supervising contracts between companies and students
H.E. Axel Dittmann, German Ambassador To Serbia

H.E. Axel Dittmann, German Ambassador To Serbia

Better Education For A More Resilient Society

Dual education can be a major contributor to sustainable economic growth. The key prerequisite for it to work well is a functioning legal framework, which gives companies the security they need to work in Serbia and invest in their workers. Germany will continue to support Serbia in its economic and legal reform efforts and on its path towards the EU
Serbia-Greece Business Forum Held 2017

Serbia-Greece Business Forum Held

Two countries have great scope to further improve bilateral relations
Serbia Land Of Success Stories

Serbia, Land Of Success Stories

The Chamber of Commerce & Industry of Serbia (CCIS) is inviting entrepreneurs and representatives of companies that have already developed their business and are operating successfully to submit the stories of their success and, with the support of the CCIS, promote their companies, improve their operations and encourage all those who are considering launching their own business.
Yoshifumi Kanno, First Secretary At The Embassy Of Japan

Yoshifumi Kanno, First Secretary At The Embassy Of Japan

Japan Sees Serbia As A True Friend

Japan has recognised Serbia’s need for support every time that it has faced difficult times, such as during the 2014 floods and the ongoing struggle to accommodate migrants. Moreover, the mutual friendship between two countries has been confirmed many times and in different areas of cooperation
eGovernment Day

eGovernment Day

Conference eGovernment - Serbia without Public Service Counters
Serbian Visions Marko Cadez

Serbian Visions: Proposals For A Better Serbia

Serbian Visions presented more than 60 non-governmental organisations, institutes, universities, professional associations and enterprises in order to improve things in society
Serbian-Greek Business Forum Held Marko Cadez

Serbian-Greek Business Forum Held

The business forum and bilateral meetings organised as part of the official visit of a Greek state-economic delegation