Serbian Chamber of Commerce

Serbian Chamber of Commerce & Industry (PKS/SCCI)

Marko Čadež, President of the Chamber of Commerce & Industry of Serbia

Both Quantity & Quality of Cooperation Improving

Slovenian and Serbian companies are entering into increasingly complex forms of cooperation, creating consortiums for joint production operations and the joint development of products and services in almost all segments of business, from agribusiness, via industry to ICT, the creative industries and scientifictechnological cooperation

Business Forum Serbia-Slovenia 2019

28th Jan. 2019, 12.00, Palace of Serbia

Western Balkans dual education MoU signed in Vienna

Today, January 14th, in Vienna, President of the Chamber of Commerce and Industry of Serbia, Marko Čadež, signed on behalf the Western Balkans 6...

Serbian Visions 2018

Serbian Visions, the only multi congress in Serbia, was organised by the German-Serbian Chamber of Commerce (AHK) and supported by the Chamber of Commerce...

Korea-Serbia Forum

Serbia, Russia and Slovenia together for improved results

In the Serbian Chamber of Commerce & Industry (PKS), the Business Forum "Serbia-Russia-Slovenia" was held, bringing together representatives of about 50 companies from three...
Marko Čadež, President of the Chamber of Commerce & Industry of Serbia, CCIS, We Have Excellent Cooperation That's Mutually Benefici

Marko Čadež, President of the Chamber of Commerce & Industry of Serbia, CCIS

Austria And Serbia Have Excellent Cooperation That’s Mutually Beneficial

It is in the greatest interest of the Serbian economy for Austrian companies to continue investing in Serbia, for us to attract as much investment as possible in the production- and export-orientated export sectors and high-tech investments, such as Zumtobel in Niš

The Nordic model a good example for the Western Balkans

"The Nordic model of cooperation is an excellent experience for the countries of the Western Balkans," said Marko Čadež, President of the PKS, on...
Marko Čadež, President Of The Chamber Of Commerce & Industry Of Serbia

Marko Čadež, President of the Chamber of Commerce & Industry of Serbia

German Investments Contribute Significantly to Serbia’s Economic Development

Serbian-German economic cooperation shouldn't only be measured according to the volume of the trade exchange, which has respectable dimensions of scale. Links between companies from the two countries have increased significantly over the last few years, which is testified to - among other things - by the decisions of German companies to reinvest in Serbia, open research centres and include Serbian companies in their production and distribution chains

Seminar Doing Business With Morocco

The Embassy of the Kingdom of Morocco in Serbia in cooperation with the Serbian Chamber of Commerce & Industry and the General Confederation of...

Austrian Support For Dual Education And Digitisation Of The Economy

The strategic partnership of the chambers of commerce of Austria and Serbia will continue strengthening the capacity of the Serbian Chamber of Commerce to...

Serbian Chamber of Commerce Formed the Parliament of Entrepreneurs

Branislava Simanić, Director of the Entrepreneurship Sector of the Serbian Chamber of Commerce (PKS), announced that Chamber formed the Parliament of Entrepreneurs. "Through the work...

“Best Of Serbia 2017” Awards Presented

The Serbian Chamber of Commerce (PKS) and the Ministry of Trade, Tourism and Telecommunications awarded to the most successful domestic product and corporate brands at the final ceremony of the "Best of Serbia 2017" campaign.

Marko Čadež, President of the Chamber of Commerce & Industry of Serbia

We’re Working & Progressing Together

For the first time since they formed part of a common country, Slovenia and Serbia last year exceeded the figure of a billion euros in their bilateral trade exchange, and at the beginning of 2018 Serbia is recording a surplus in this trade, with a large number of Slovenian exporters who invested here contributing to that, but also the agility of domestic companies that are increasingly improving their position on the Slovenian market

Chinese Products Fair 2018 – Zhejiang Export Fair 24 to 26...

From 24-26 May, at the Belmax Center in Belgrade, a "Chinese Products Fair" will be held.

German Companies Interested In Serbian Organic, Frozen Fruit

During a five-day visit to Serbia, six German companies interested in buying organic products showed great interest in cooperation through the purchase of home-grown organic, frozen raspberries, blackberries and strawberries.


Challenges And Opportunities

Accelerated reforms, particularly those in the area of improving the business climate, ensure that the opinions of business associations are more important than ever. The increasingly open and constructive dialogue between the government and business leaders, which also resulted in Serbia making continuous progress on the World Bank’s ’Doing Business’ list, compelled us to set aside space in the New Year’s edition of CorD for the comments of presidents of chambers of commerce and organisations, business clubs and associations that bring together members of industry, NGOs and representatives of the local community.

Croatian Chamber Of Commerce Opens Office In Serbia

"Serbian products are increasingly finding their place on the Croatian market, and the Serbian Chamber of Commerce remains a great partner to the Croatian Chamber of Commerce"