Education 2016

Srđan Verbić, Serbian Minister of Education, Science and Technological Development

Education Reform is a Never-ending Story

Although the financial crisis and the ongoing macroeconomic stabilisation programme have partially slowed the envisaged pace of reforms in education, efforts to modernise and internationalise the curricula are running in parallel.

Ljubomir Adamov, Director and Proprietor of AGE d.o.o Belgrade

Man is a Sensory Robot and Saws Have Soul

We cannot even imagine today's school system without the modern technologies that arrived here thanks to four engineers who were able to create and apply everything that became a part of global education and inclusion.

British International School

Learning in a Fun and Exciting Way

The British International School has so far sent 19 generations of graduates to universities throughout the world. The School, which caters for pupils aged from four to 18, this winter opened a new Lower Secondary Campus building to cater ever-increasing student numbers

Brook Hill International School

Respect for Individual Needs and an Inclusive Environment

Choosing the right school and education system for a child can be a very daunting task for parents. That is why we have created an environment where the combination of old and new pedagogical approaches, support in school and from home, leads to children developing into confident and successful individuals.

The French School in Belgrade

Adventure of Learning in French

Due to the high quality of an education process that is in line with the French curriculum, advanced pedagogy techniques and an approach catered to children, our students continue their studies in France and elsewhere with ease. That is why both Serbian, French and binational parents are choosing our school for their pupils, starting from age three to 18.
Academic Excellence with a view towards the European Union

The German School of Belgrade

Academic Excellence with a view towards the European Union

As Serbia is advancing decisively towards the European Union, the German School may act as one more bridge towards that goal by attracting families from EU countries to come to Serbia and by preparing Serbian children for the opportunities offered by the EU.

Professor Dragan Soleša, Ph.D., Dean of the Novi Sad Faculty of Economics and Engineering Management (FIMEK)

Aligned with European Study Systems

All of the study programmes at our faculty are popular, but information technology is certainly ahead of all others, due to the continuous increase in the number of interested and enrolled students.

The International School of Belgrade

Tradition and Excellence

Since 1948 the International School of Belgrade has provided a quality education to the international community in Belgrade, relying on innovative and best instructional practice to address the varying learning styles of our students

Kreativno Pero

Bilingual School ecompasses nursery, primary and secondary levels

PRIMA International School

The Joy of Learning

PRIMA International School wants pupils to remain curious and motivated by the world they live in, now and for the rest of their lives. Education...

Diana Gligorijević, Regional Sales and Marketing Director for TeleGroup d.o.o. Belgrade

Contemporary Solutions for E-learning

As one of the leading information and communication technology (ICT) solution providers in the Western Balkans, TeleGroup offers numerous contemporary IT solutions and technologies applicable in education. Diana Gligorijević, Regional Sales and Marketing Director for TeleGroup d.o.o. Belgrade