Contemporary Solutions for E-learning

Diana Gligorijević, Regional Sales and Marketing Director for TeleGroup d.o.o. Belgrade

Diana Gligorijević TeleGroup Belgrade

TeleGroup’s portfolio includes several solutions which facilitate the development of e-learning in line with global standards, including video conferencing systems for distance learning. Among other things, these systems enable listening to lectures and grading in real-time, as well as having interactive classes with the possibility of asking questions and taking exams. TeleGroup also offers E-grade books, which have proven to be an efficient solution for teachers, students and their parents.

Certain educational institutions in Serbia are already using e-learning and e-grade books in order to obtain timely information about curricular activities.

E-learning has taken its first tentative steps in Serbia and many IT solutions that could be very beneficial to educational institutions are used only sporadically. In addition to the broad possibilities that ICT offers in learning the curriculum, accessing and processing a multitude of information, IT also offers many solutions in terms of data security in educational institutions.

Which of TeleGroup’s IT solutions are applied in our education system?

Information and communication technology is one of the sectors with the fastest growth in the Serbian economy and represents an instigator of colossal change in several other segments, including education.

Unfortunately, many contemporary IT solutions and technologies have as yet failed to take off in the education sector and their implementation is at the very beginning.

As one of the leading ICT solution providers in the Western Balkans, as well as a company that always monitors global ICT trends closely, TeleGroup offers solutions for interactive distance learning thanks to which students can listen to lectures in real-time, record and archive these lectures, have interactive communication and have their grades recorded in an E-grade book.

In addition to all of this, we have security solutions that monitor the access mobile devices can have to different e-documents in schools, colleges, libraries and museums. This product scans all mobile devices and protects IT resources of various institutions from theft and other forms of misuse, like altering grades and test results, stealing financial resources etc.

How common is e-learning in the region and in Serbia?

As I have already mentioned, it is unfortunately still in its very infancy, although certain educational institutions have already started using e-learning and e-grade books in order to obtain timely information about all curricular activities.

An increasing number of schools in Serbia now participate in e-learning. What does your company offer in this segment?

When it comes to this segment, TeleGroup suggests using video-conferencing systems in distance learning, which enable students to listen to lectures and grading in real-time, recording lectures with an option of rewinding if they think they have missed important information, having interactive classes with the possibility of asking questions and taking exams etc.

What are the advantages of having e-grade books?

As a company which believes that the future lies in providing Cloud services, TeleGroup carefully analyses the requirements of potential users and the overall market needs for e-grade books as a Cloud service that could be offered to schools in the following period.

The immediate users of this solution, i.e. those who input data (teachers), are not the only ones who benefit from it. Parents, school administrators, local authorities and local governments involved in education can also benefit.

TeleGroup offers educational institutions safety solutions which monitor the access mobile devices can have to different e-documents in schools, colleges, libraries and museums.

The e-grade book enables a school administration to have a general overview of school activities, especially activities carried out by teachers. They are also able to opportunely detect problems stemming from skipping school and grades and compile the kinds of reports required by relevant authorities in a very simplified manner.

In terms of the benefits for parents, they gain direct access to objective information about the academic achievements of their children. On the other hand, relevant local and state government bodies will be able to have a general overview of all activities in each individual school, at the municipal, regional and state level. There is also a possibility of carrying out comparative reviews and analyses.

Your company was a juror at the National Competition of the Best Student Companies. How many of the competition projects used IT solutions?

TeleGroup was invited by the Junior Achievement Association in Serbia to be a juror at the National Competition for the Best Student Companies, which was held in Belgrade last year.

We were very happy to support this project because we think that encouraging a young entrepreneurial mindset and activities is an investment in the future of this country. Considering that there are good business ideas and quality business plans, both in terms of IT solutions and in other segments, we believe that our youngsters will achieve good results at the European competition and we are also going to continue supporting this and similar projects in the period ahead.


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