Day of remembrance of victims of NATO aggression marked

Prime Minister Ana Brnabić and President Aleksandar Vučić attended the central state ceremony in Niš, marking of the 20th anniversary of the NATO aggression...

Takeover Ceremony Between Greece and Norwegian Embassy as NATO Contact Point...

Minister of Foreign Affairs Ivica Dačić is pleased with the excellent cooperation with the Embassy of Greece in improving the partnership cooperation between Serbia...
Dusko Markovic

Duško Marković, Montenegrin Prime Minister

Our NATO Accession Is Not Anti-Russian

Membership of the EU and NATO is not directed against Russia or anyone else, but corresponds to the needs of society for enduring peace and stability, a wish to essentially and not only geographically belong to the world's most developed countries and cherish the values of Western civilisation. At the same time cooperation with Moscow and Beijing, especially economic cooperation, is the result of our efforts to develop our state and its infrastructure to make it accessible and attractive for new investment that will create new jobs – Duško Marković, Prime Minister of Montenegro
Seventh Belgrade Security Forum

Seventh Belgrade Security Forum

This year's Belgrade Security Forum is held under the slogan 'Building a Common Future in the Age of Uncertainty'

Milo Đukanović, Prime Minister Of Montenegro

We Are Committed To Our Future

The strong progress made by Montenegro since the restoration of independence in building democratic institutions and the modern economic environment – within the framework of EU and Euro-Atlantic integration – now obliges that the government takes on more ambitious goals: the creation of the preconditions for sustainable and dynamic economic growth and increasing employment

Børge Brende, Norwegian Minister Of Foreign

Affairs Continue The Constructive Dialogue With Russia

We must meet the challenges posed by Russia with both deterrence and dialogue. Continued dialogue, predictability and transparency are in our own security interest. However, a constructive and extensive partnership will only be possible if Russia complies with international law, and international obligations and responsibilities - Børge Brende.

H.E. Jean Daniel Ruch, Ambassador of Switzerland to Serbia

Invest In Education, Support Domestic Investments

From the economic perspective, Serbia is on a better track, says H.E. Ambassador Jean Daniel Ruch, speaking in his farewell interview for CorD. He believes Serbia has overcome the difficulties of the 2008 financial crisis, but suggests efforts continue to clean up the financial system, reform the judiciary and, above all, bring the education system closer to the needs of the market
Filip Vujanovic

Filip Vujanović, President Of Montenegro

Affirm Good Neighbourly Relations in the Region

The past decade was marked by the strong progress of Montenegro on its path towards the European Union, based on the foreign policy orientation of Montenegro and its commitment to European and Euro-Atlantic integration

Miroslav Hiršl, President of Montenegrin Foreign Investors Council, CEO Societe General Bank Montenegro

We Can do it Even Better

The Montenegrin Government is well aware of the importance of foreign direct investment for the sustainable growth of the economy and has done a lot to improve competitiveness, transparency and business-friendliness. Nevertheless, there is still work to be done and challenges to be overcome.
David McAllister

David McAllister, European Parliament Rapporteur for Serbia

Now Comes the Harder Part: Implementing EU Values

Along with Serbia’s progress in opening chapters – with 23 and 24 being the next in line – the question of successful implementation of the commitments accepted – in terms of negotiations with Kosovo, foreign policy alignment with the EU and putting adopted laws into practice, including those that secure media freedom – is becoming the key to successful EU integration.
Brigadier General Cesare Marinelli

New Head of the NATO Military Liaison Office in Belgrade

Brigadier General Cesare Marinelli

Brig. Gen. Marinelli (55) joined Italy’s Army Military Academy in 1980 and was commissioned to the 3rd LANCE Artillery Battalion in 1984. He attended the...