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Marina Grihović Consulting Agency Headline Digital Communications Agency Dkit

Marina Grihović, Founder and CEO of PR and Media Consulting Agency Headline, and Digital Communications Agency Dkit

Humour is at the Heart of Successful Campaigns

Headline agency began its second decade with great ambitions, plans and eagerness to respond to all the challenges of the profession. New communication channels are seen both as a challenge and an opportunity
Marina Grihovic, Headline

Marina Grihović, Director of Headline

The Client is Our Friend – We are Their Support

Headline was launched nine years ago as a PR agency offering a wide range of services in the field of communications. Thanks to a good team of people, Headline offers expertise in the fields of media, communications with the business and influential public, and corporate and crisis communication
Marina Grihović, General Manager Of PR Agency Headline & Partner

Marina Grihović, General Manager Of PR Agency Headline & Partner At Digital Communications Agency Dkit

More Creativity With More Modest Resources

Competition is fierce, budgets are small, and all agencies are fighting for their survival by offering some corporate advantage. In such circumstances, it is imperative to find time for creativity and to take advantage of all the communication channels offered to us