Marina Grihović, Founder and Director of PR and Media Consulting Agency Headline and Digital Communications Agency DKIT

Plan For 2020: Be Better

Headline remains today what it was at the start - a small, high-quality agency that's fully dedicated to employees and clients and works on large projects

Marina Grihović, Founder and Director of PR and Media Consulting Agency Headline and Digital Communications Agency DKIT

Due to a change in the channel through which we communicate, Dkit was subsequently founded as part of the agency that deals with digital communications.

In order to send the right messages at the right time and to the right place, good analysis and the proper strategy are required. Communication and marketing can only change a lot when it comes to consumer habits if we are noticed and authentic,” reveals Marina Grihović.

Headline has existed since 2008, a year we all remember for record-breaking budgets for marketing and communications. What has changed since then?

– The team initially comprised three colleagues who are still here today, while there are now around a dozen of us, so we have remained small, but it is precisely thanks to our highquality team and good clients that we work on major projects and create good things in communications. Apart from the number of people or clients, the most change has been in the channels through which we communicate, hence the Dkit part of the agency, which deals directly with digital communications.

Much has changed even in classic communications in the last decade. The topics able to attract the attention of journalists are different, the messages being marketed must be much more precise, with much more effort required to attract attention to the client and what they are doing.

Tabloidisation has impacted directly on all segments of communication, so colleagues often use clickable headlines in order to get their own space in the media… Our job is often to make a news story out of a piece of half news and to find an angle that can interest the media. However, just like some other trends that do not carry the epithet “quality”, this must be passed in a career.

It is thanks to our high-quality team and good clients that we work on major projects and create good things in communications

What have we been brought by digitalisation?

– Everything has changed in the area of communication – from the way text is written, the form, channels, target groups and much narrower targeting, to the easing of connecting and discovering interesting tools in communication.

On the other hand, our daily life has accelerated, or more precisely we end up doing much more during our work day or our free time. One way to ease our operations is to integrate resources.

Thanks specifically to digitalisation, we can now offer both off- and online communication as the same platform. And thanks to that we also have the same messages on different channels, and can make it easier for clients to communicate and transmit messages.

Is it tougher or easier to be original and authentic today?

– We also have originality in the way we communicate. That isn’t changed by the changes that are happening in digital or classic communications. What I would say is currently more of a threat than in some previous years is the trend of being trendy. A typical example is the emergence of general practitioner influencers…

It is impossible for one person to write with equal admiration about a hotel, waxing cream, a healthy breakfast spread or a playroom where they take their children… But I believe that this will also crystallise and that we will have more quality content in the period ahead. I believe in the younger generations and their need to be different.

Has the increase in the number of communication channels and the redistribution of influence between traditional and new media led to changes in the habits and expectations of customers, clients, consumers…?

– Our life has accelerated or, more precisely, the pace of our lives is constantly accelerating, and such a tempo is followed by technology and ways of communicating. It’s difficult to say what’s older in that – are new trends and media accelerating our lives, or are we creating them to support the pace of life? This is certainly all followed by the need to quickly transfer information and we often feel overwhelmed. Both our clients and those of us from the agencies need to be aware of that feeling.