Greek Business Etiquette and Protocol


Greek Business Etiquette and Protocol

When meeting someone for the first time, shake hands firmly, smile and make eye contact. There is no formal ritual when it comes to exchanging business cards in Greece, although it is a good idea to have one side translated into Greek and present the business card with this side facing up.
EU and Grecce Hope for Better Days


Hope for Better Days

There are good reasons to believe that Greece is on its way to growth, and that 2016 and 2017 will be much better than the previous years of tough austerity. However, some risks still linger as a new round of debt relief talks commences.

Economic exchange

Potential Greater than the Reality

Greek companies have adapted to the crisis and renewed their interest in investing in Serbia. Both countries have initiated several meetings aimed at establishing new cooperation channels and increasing what is currently rather modest trade.


Greek History Made Cinema

From greats like Theo Angelopoulos, Costa Gavras, Michael Cacoyannis, Irena Papas and Melina Mercouri, to Hollywood stars with Greek origins, such as Nick Cassavetes, Jennifer Aniston, Melina Kanakaredes, and Billy Zane, the list of talented artists is almost endless.


Experience a Greek Easter

Early May is a wonderful time for everyone to get acquainted with the Easter traditions of the Greek Islands and to experience popular summer tourist sites in a different light. Here are some suggestions
Constantine Economides

H.E. Constantine Economides, Ambassador of Greece to Serbia

Greece Troubling and Troubled Year

With this troubling and troubled year coming to an end, three major issues should be highlighted as having been predominant throughout the year, and having put Europe’s unity and cohesion to the test: namely, the economic crisis, the migration and refugee crisis and the security threat

Greece 2014

Fostering and Backing a European Serbia