Macron Vučić We Share Views of Young People in Western Balkans

Macron, Vučić: We Share Views of Young People in Western Balkans

President of the France Emmanuel Macron and President of Serbia Aleksandar Vučić met in Belgrade today with six young people from the Western Balkans...
Emmanuel Macron Aleksandar Vucic press conference

Presidents Aleksandar Vučić & Emmanuel Macron Hold Joint Press Conference

President of the Republic of Serbia Aleksandar Vučić said today that he had a long, open and honest conversation regarding all the key issues...

Serbia and France sign 22 cooperation agreements

Representatives of France and Serbia signed today 22 bilateral agreements in the fields of economy, military industry, education and culture, and five documents were...
Emmanuel Macron arrives in Belgrade Serbia Aleksandar Vucic

Macron arrives on two-day visit to Serbia

President of the Republic of Serbia Aleksandar Vučić welcomed today at Nikola Tesla Airport French President Emmanuel Macron, who arrived on a two-day visit...
Ambassador of France to Serbia Frédéric Mondoloni

Bastille Day celebrated in Serbia’s capital

To mark the occasion of France’s National Day, Bastille Day, Ambassador of France to Serbia H.E. Frédéric Mondoloni hosted a reception at the French...

Bastille Day Celebration

To mark the occasion of France’s National Day, Bastille Day, Ambassador of France to Serbia H.E. Frédéric Mondoloni hosted a reception at the French Residence. Read more
Priscilia Dubocage Total

Priscilia Dubocage, New Managing Director of Total for Serbia, Slovenia and...

Priscilia Dubocage joins Total's HUB Balkans as new Managing Director, from Total Kenya, where she successfully held the position of Network Manager, responsible for...

H.E. Frédéric Mondoloni, Ambassador of France

Renewed Dynamism of French-Serbian Relations

This visit of president Macron comes 18 years after President Chirac was the first foreign Head of State to visit Serbia after the democratic transition of 5th October 2000. Preparing this visit has already contributed to strengthening political ties between our two countries on topics of mutual interest – Frederic Mondoloni

230th Anniversary of the Storming of the Bastille

Start of Europe’s Modern Era

Beginning in 1789, the French Revolution impacted on every aspect of France and much of Europe, which is why it is often referred to as the start of the modern era. The ideals of the French Revolution paved the way for the acceptance of many Enlightenment ideas. After all, it was the first application of Enlightenment philosophy in an Old World government
Priscilia Dubocage

Priscilia Dubocage, Managing Director of Total Hub Balkans (Serbia, Slovenia and Croatia)

Total is a Top-ranking Player

Total is among the world's four most successful oil companies, with operations in more than 130 countries. Total has been present in Serbia since 2010, when the company choose to invest in the Balkan region, including Serbia. The representative of this French oil company for the Serbian market guarantees the quality of its products
Aleksandar Vucic Emmanuel Macron

François Duclos in Serbia (1839)

180th Anniversary of the Re-Establishment of French-Serbian Diplomatic Relations

The year 2019 marks the 180th anniversary of the re-establishment of French-Serbian diplomatic relations, with the opening of the first French diplomatic office in Belgrade in 1839
Dragoljub Damljanović French-Serbian Chamber of Commerce

Dragoljub Damljanović, President of the French-Serbian Chamber of Commerce

President Macron’s Visit is Wind in the Sails of French-Serbian Cooperation

Economic cooperation between France and Serbia is irrefutably strengthening each year, and this year's arrival of French President Emmanuel Macron will further strengthen French-Serbian links. The Chamber will continue, as it has to date, to work in order to increase France'seconomic presence - not only in Serbia but throughout the region
French Serbian Chamber of Commerce

10th Anniversary French-Serbian Chamber of Commerce

The First Decade of Cooperation

Since its inception in 2009, when only one person with one computer worked in the Chamber, the Chamber has been developing and growing constantly to this day. Following is a retrospective of certain events that have marked the 10 years of the Chamber's work
Sanja Ivanic

Sanja Ivanić, Director of the French-Serbian Chamber of Commerce

Winning Approach

In the first 10 years, we at the Chamber focused on the quality of our offer, while now will also dedicate ourselves to increasing the network of members. We believe that we offer top events and services that will satisfy even the most demanding of companies. French chic and Serbian charm is a winning combination

French Fashion

Liberté, égalité, sensualité!

If we're going to start anywhere with French fashion, we should begin chronologically with the 17th Century and the lavish style of Louis XIV, the Sun King. Apart from gaining repute for building the opulent Palace of Versailles, he also became well known for his exquisite attire and introduction of the textile trade to France. He ensured that France was to be an authority and destination for the highest quality materials
Michelin Guide

The History of French Gastronomic Authorities: The Michelin Guide and La Liste

Michelin Guide – Over a Century Forging Dining Standards

First published by Michelin tyre-company founders Édouard and André Michelin, the Michelin Guide was originally published in 1900 as a strategy to stimulate business...
French Film Caravan

French Film Caravan

Until 31 July 2019
MEI TA Europe Ltd. factory Obrenovac

Chinese-French Mei Ta opens its second factory in Obrenovac

Minister of Finance Siniša Mali said at the opening of the second factory of company Mei Ta in Obrenovac that this is an extremely...