UNIQA in the service of health during coronavirus crisis

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UNIQA enabled telephone and online services to be available 24/7 to clients. Responsibly and dedicatedly, UNIQA Serbia has subordinated all business activities to the joint fight against the spread and consequences of the coronavirus, with the utmost respect for all measures of the Government of the Republic of Serbia and competent health institutions.

In order to ensure the highest level of health protection for employees, clients, business partners and all members of the community in which we live and work, UNIQA, due to its state of emergency, has provided smooth work at home to its employees, while maintaining business stability, and continuing its seamless service to clients.

With the imperative of preserving the health of the population, UNIQA provided its customers with no-contact services, through 24-hour online services and telephone lines at the Contact Center.

In addition to claiming damages and payment as soon as possible, all UNIQA online and telephone services allow clients to stay at home and easily use the services available 24/7:

1. Request for an insurance quote on the website www.uniqa.rs by using the “Want a quote?” Option as well as by email: info@uniqa.rs or by calling the UNIQA Contact Center at 011/20 24 100. by mail

2. The Personal Insurance Advisor is available via the mobile phone available at www.uniqa.rs under “Select your Insurance Advisor” or by calling the UNIQA number in the selected city.

3. Online shopping 24/7 – our UNIQA online store is open 24/7 for travel insurance, travel assistance and household insurance and is available at www.uniqa.rs

4. Secure online payment of invoices through the website www.uniqa.rs, free of charge, payment by Master and Visa card

5. The UNIQA Contact Center is available by calling: 011/20 24 100, as well as via the Live Chat application on the UNIQA website or by email: info@uniqa.rs.

6. MedUNIQA Contact Center for Health Insurance Beneficiaries by calling card number, email: meduniqa@uniqa.rs or online application at www.uniqa.rs

7. Online claim submission available 24 hours on www.uniqa.rs

8. Telephone claim for damages, by calling 011/20 24 100, as well as by email: info.stete@uniqa.rs and info.stete.zivotno@uniqa.rs

9. Video – damage assessment using a mobile phone or tablet during a video call completes the damage assessment of the vehicle or property and exchanges the necessary documentation

10. Viber number for travel insurance users for reporting a sudden illness or accident abroad: +381 63 36 75 99, as well as the Help Center at + 381 11 36 36 955

11. Road Assistance Center, available in Serbia and abroad by calling: 011/36 36 960.

UNIQA remains a responsible and trusted partner of the community even in the most difficult times. In order to maximize health protection, we invite clients to use online and telephone services to work together, until they return to regular activities, to meet all challenges while protecting themselves and their loved ones.