UNIQA an official insurance of Serbian water polo team on the...

After five years of cooperation crowned with Olympic, both the World and European medals, UNIQA remains the official insurance of the water polo team...

UNIQA remains strongly positioned at the top of the insurance market

According to a report issued by the National Bank of Serbia, with its share of 5.91% in 2018 UNIQA confirmed its stable fifth position...

UNIQA promoter handed medals to the fastest runners Belgrade Marathon

Sava Randjelović, a water polo representative and one of the promoters of UNIQA Insurance, at the invitation of this company, handed medals to the...

UNIQA with Children’s Marathon for the sixth year in a row

UNIQA was a proud sponsor and official insurance company of the 26th Children’s Marathon.  For the 6th year, UNIQA took care of the safety of...

Private Health Insurance A Solution To An Efficient Health Care System

In 2018, the Serbian healthcare system moved two places up and was tied 18th among 35 systems of Old Continent countries, according to the...

Sonja Marić, Marketing Director At Uniqa Osiguranje (Insurance)

We Convert Risk Into Opportunity

The UNIQA Group has been operating for more than two centuries as one of the leading European companies, due to its excellent familiarity with opportunities and the strength of its authentic brand. It moves boldly out of its comfort zone and proves surprising again and again with its campaigns

Dolphins gave donation and New Year’s package to the children’s village

Our water polo representatives and promoters of UNIQA insurance Andrija Prlainović, Milan Aleksić and Dušan Mandić presented a 250,000 dinar check to the Children's...
UNICEF & UNIQA mark World Children’s Day

UNICEF & UNIQA mark World Children’s Day

On the occasion of World Children’s Day celebration, today children took over the management of UNIQA Insurance. Based on a unanimous decision rendered at...
UNIQA travel health insurance policies this year

Last summer Greece the most popular summer destination once again

As high as 160,000 Serbian citizens travelled with UNIQA travel health insurance policies this year

UNIQA introduces online payment of insurance installments

As of today, clients of UNIQA insurance can fully settle their instalments for life, motor hull, voluntary health, accident, and household insurance online without...
5th Shakespeare Festival Nikita Milivojevic

5th Shakespeare Festival

For the fifth year in a row, "Villa Stanković" becomes "The Globe Theatre" at the end of June and the Danube turns into the River Thames. Guests from India, China, Germany, the USA, Iran, Finland, Belgium, Great Britain, Belarus, Turkey, Spain, Greece

Uniqa Supports Serbian Olympians

05.04.2016UNIQA Insurance has signed a contract with the Olympic Committee of Serbia by which it has become the official insurer of our Olympic team. President of the Olympic Committee of Serbia, Vlade Divac, thanked Uniqa for deciding to support Serbia’s Olympians on the road to Rio and welcomed the company to the Olympic family of Serbia.

Gordana Bukumirić: Serbia did not learn its lesson after the 2014...

On the first day of this year’s Kopaonik Business Forum, the CEO of UNIQA Insurance Company Gordana Bukumirić participated in a panel discussion titled “Defining the Main Problems in Insurance Industry”.

Uniqa Marks 10 Years Of Doing Business In Serbia

22.01.2016 UNIQA osiguranje, one of the five most successful insurance companies operating in Serbia, has marked the start of its tenth year of successful, socially responsible operations in Serbia. Over the course of the past nine years, UNIQA has invested over €60 million in different spheres of business. It successfully completed the process of acquiring Basler Insurance, worth around €9 million, after which UNIQA Serbia boasts 730 employees, 33 branches and more than 400 points of sale.

Banking Savings vs. Investing in Life Insurance

Will Trends Change in 2016? Systematic Education of the Population Needed

As a result of the low demand on banks caused by the large amount of money and reduced demand for loans, interest on savings in most banks in Serbia is zero or close to zero, while in banking circles there are suggestions that socalled negative rates will be introduced