Ruma Municipality

Miloš The Great Highway


New Investment Cycle for Regional Interconnection and the Faster Development of...

About 300km of highways have been constructed and more than 500km of railway lines have been restored over the course of the last four years, with construction becoming the driver of economic growth. A new investment cycle worth around €10 billion was launched this year, with projects in road, rail, water transport and aviation, which will enable the further connecting of Serbia with the region, the EU and the rest of the world, but also the arrival new investments and a better life for citizens
Slađan Mančić, President of the Municipality of Ruma

Slađan Mančić, President of the Municipality of Ruma

Investors Believe Us

Best testifying to the idea that a favourable geographical position doesn't mean anything in and of itself is the example of the municipality of Ruma, which stagnated for years. Its accelerated development is the result of the good organisation of expert services, investments in work zones and friendly relations with investors
Slađan Mančić, Predsednik opštine Ruma

Slađan Mančić, Predsednik opštine Ruma

Spremni za doček novih investitora

Opština Ruma je kao prioritet postavila izgradnju kompletno opremljenih radnih zona, koje mogu da odgovore svim potrebama potencijalnih investitora