Požarevac and Valjevo get 8 social businesses for packaging waste collection from households

Požarevac and Valjevo get 8 social businesses for packaging waste collection...

With the support of the city administrations of Požarevac and Valjevo, Coca-Cola HBC Serbia as the project initiator and Sekopak, the “Neighbours Help One...


Museum City

The most common associations with Požarevac in past decades were Milena Pavlović Barili, Viminacium and Vika the mammoth, horses and Ljubičevo, Zabela Prison, Slobodan Milošević, company Bambi and the famous ‘Plazma’ biscuits, while today it is one of the symbols of Serbia’s rapid development
Bane Spasović, Mayor of Požarevac

Bane Spasović, Mayor of Požarevac

City of Great Potential

I'm sure that we'll attract “major players” again, with the strengthening of infrastructure, and that process is underway.

Požarevac Today

The Spirit Of History & The Gallop Of Horses

With five per cent growth in the number of tourists and overnight stays compared to the same period last year, Požarevac is becoming an increasingly attractive tourist destination. The most visited sites are Viminacium and the Ljubičevo Stables, while there are ever more people interested in the history of the city and its architecture. Požarevac this year commemorates the 300th anniversary of the signing of the Požarevac Peace Treaty, while from 4th to 9th September Viminacium is hosting the triennial World Limes Congress, one of the most important archaeological congresses in Europe. This year also included the staging of the 55th Ljubičevo Equestrian Games
Bane Spasović, Mayor Of Požarevac

Bane Spasović, Mayor Of Požarevac

People Are Our Strongest Trump Card

I expect Požarevac to improve agriculture substantially, to raise the level of foreign direct investment and support local business
Miomir Ilić

Miomir Ilić, Mayor Of Požarevac

Good Conditions For Investors

Požarevac spans an area of 481 square kilometres and comprises two municipalities – Požarevac and Kostolac. Some 80 per cent of the territory comprises arable land. This land is one of the most valuable assets in the area and encompasses the Stiška Plain and the banks of three rivers – Velika Morava, Danube and Mlava