Bane Spasović, Mayor of Požarevac

City of Great Potential

I’m sure that we’ll attract “major players” again, with the strengthening of infrastructure, and that process is underway.

“When it comes to Požarevac, a city that’s extremely rich in resources and potential from almost all areas, it is our obligation to develop all resources and potential equally, paying equal attention to them,” emphasises Bane Spasović, Mayor of Požarevac.

Požarevac and its surrounding areas have come to represent a very attractive destination in recent years. What has changed and in which branches of the economy?

I’m glad you think that we’re an attractive destination, but the results achieved in the past few years are just the precursors of what we outlined. In parallel with attracting investments and developing tourist infrastructure, we also had to develop communal infrastructure, which didn’t even exist in some parts of the city. If it weren’t for that, I’m sure that there would now be far more businesspeople employing far more workers, as well as visitors who would come here due to the attractive tourism offer. All of this is only waiting for us, particularly in the year ahead.

European and domestic funds have recognised the importance of investing in Požarevac. In which areas?

The state, as well as certain funds of the European Union, have recognised the potential for development in us, but also a partner who will fulfil all projects in a contract up to the last letter. Thanks to the projects prepared by the Public Procurement Office, we received part of the funding required for renovation of the Health Centre and several schools on our territory, while several others are planned and we will also gain access to capital for the renovation of the hospital facilities.

When it comes to foreign funds, one of the latest projects is “Culture without Borders”, which was co-financed by the IPA programme of cross-border cooperation between Romania and Serbia

The City is obliged to devise projects, and I’m sure that in the years to come we will further improve conditions for treating citizens of the entire Braničevo District.

When it comes to foreign funds, one of the latest projects is “Culture without Borders”, which was co-financed by the IPA programme of cross-border cooperation between Romania and Serbia. This project has, among other things, secured several mobile tourism stands and a modern stage with complete equipment that has already been delivered and is being used, as well as a large sporting dome that is being installed.

The Danube, agriculture and historical heritage all represent great potential. In what direction do you plan to further develop the city of Požarevac and its surroundings?

Perhaps, as a Požarevac native, I’m not objective when I say that my city is rich in resources and potential in almost all domains, but I’m obliged, as mayor, to develop all those resources and potentials equally, devoting attention to each of them equally. The proximity of the fertile Stig and the traditions of livestock farming and the processing of meat, fruits and vegetables testify to the fact that the development of agriculture is one of the priorities.

As one of the strongest industrial zones during the late 20th century, besides company Bambi, which is still operating today, we were the home of giants such as MIP, Voćeprodukt, Žitostig etc. I’m sure that, with the strengthening of infrastructure, we will again attract “major players”, and that process is underway.

When it comes to the development of tourism, we are exerting considerable efforts and funds, together with the state, to arrange stables and the hippodrome, which are the carriers of our most important event, under the patronage of the President of the Republic of Serbia, the Ljubičevo Equestrian Games. There is also the Požarevac Peace complex of on Tulba Hill, our galleries, the National Museum, the Viminacium Archaeological Park, and renovated streets and squares of Požarevac.


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