Dejan Bogunović MD, Arriva Litas, Požarevac

Arriva Litas Transport Solutions to European Standards

Arriva, a part of Deutsche Bahn (German Railways), is responsible for growth and development of the DB regional passenger transport outside Germany

In the global market, Arriva operates with 19,500 buses, 715 trains, 220 trams, 474 ambulances and 19 waterbuses. In Serbia, Arriva Litas d.o.o. Požarevac deals with road passenger transport through scheduled, unscheduled and contracted services.

Arriva is one of the biggest transport companies in Europe with 1.5 billion passengers per year. How is your company organised and what means of transport do you use most?

Arriva is one of the biggest road transport operators in Europe, with over 60,000 employees in 14 countries. It provides 2.2 billion journeys per year through urban, suburban, regional and international passenger transport providing transport solutions for local and national institutions.

Arriva has unrivalled pan-European passenger transport experience and creates innovative systems to connect people and communities. Arriva works as a team. We want our passengers to be satisfied with our top quality services but we also care about the community and the environment and we are focused on continuous improvement and development of the company. These values are at the very heart of Arriva and make us unique.

The company’s operation is based on the liberalisation of the European transport market. How do these benefits work in Serbia?

The freedom to provide services is a basic principle of the common transport policy and allows carriers from all EU countries access to international transport markets without discrimination on the grounds of nationality or place of establishment.

I hope that future Serbian policy will be largely based on the 2011 White Paper, covering 40 initiatives designed to generate growth and jobs, reduce dependence on imported oil and cut the sector’s carbon emissions by 60% by 2050.

Arriva provides transport solutions for local and national institutions and European experience in transport services, and creates innovative systems to connect people and communities

It is a long road in front of all of us in Serbia to reach these standards but Arriva will be here to help public bodies to adjust Serbian legislation to EU directives. Battle against grey economy lead by the Serbian government will significantly improve compliance with EU standards in the near future.

Arriva provides public transport services in Belgrade and Niš, and regional and international transport and bus rental in Požarevac. What international destinations do you offer? Do you perform other business activities apart from passenger transport?

Arriva has been present in Serbia since 2013 when we purchased the companies Veolia Transport Litas and Veolia Transport Luv. With the change of ownership came a change of company name from Veolia to “ARRIVA LITAS D.O.O. POZAREVAC.”

The change of ownership didn’t affect business operations in Serbia, therefore, Arriva has continued to build on the strategy, business goals and obligations that were already defined and has maintained the 70-year-old tradition of Litas Požarevac.

Our main operation is road passenger transport performed through scheduled and unscheduled transport and bus rental. Scheduled transport includes urban, suburban, intercity and international transport.

Arriva provides urban transport services in Požarevac, Belgrade, Nis and recently in Kragujevac. Apart from that, intercity transport is provided daily from any town in Braničevo County to Belgrade. In accordance with its business development policy, Arriva has recently opened two new routes from Belgrade to Zlatibor and Novi Sad.

International passenger transport is carried out on the routes Požarevac- Vienna and Belgrade-Linz through Slovenia, which makes it a three-state route. Arriva travel agencies also operate in Serbia, with representative offices in Belgrade, Požarevac and Veliko Gradište.

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