Milo Djukanović

Montenegrin politician, President of Montenegro

Milo Đukanović, President of Montenegro

Shared Successes Represent the Best Protection for Montenegro’s Future

Dear readers, We live in turbulent times filled with challenges and changes. One of the greatest crises in human history is still smouldering. New economic...
Dusko Markovic

Duško Marković, Montenegrin Prime Minister

Our NATO Accession Is Not Anti-Russian

Membership of the EU and NATO is not directed against Russia or anyone else, but corresponds to the needs of society for enduring peace and stability, a wish to essentially and not only geographically belong to the world's most developed countries and cherish the values of Western civilisation. At the same time cooperation with Moscow and Beijing, especially economic cooperation, is the result of our efforts to develop our state and its infrastructure to make it accessible and attractive for new investment that will create new jobs – Duško Marković, Prime Minister of Montenegro
Milo Djukanović, Prime Minister Of Montenegro

Milo Djukanović, Prime Minister Of Montenegro

We Are Committed To Our Future

The strong progress made by Montenegro since the restoration of independence in building democratic institutions and the modern economic environment – within the framework of EU and Euro-Atlantic integration – now obliges that the government takes on more ambitious goals: the creation of the preconditions for sustainable and dynamic economic growth and increasing employment
Milo Djukanović, Prime Minister of the Republic of Montenegro

Milo Djukanović, Prime Minister of the Republic of Montenegro

Integration is a Guarantee of Reforms

We can already say now that, with the realisation of initiated and planned projects, Montenegro will be one of the fastest growing investment destinations in the region. I am primarily directed towards such optimism by an awareness of unused resources in the fields of infrastructure, energy, tourism and food production. Likewise, my optimism also stems from the presence of renowned investors in Montenegro, already signed contracts and already launched projects that are being implemented here