Australia Embassy in Serbia HPV vaccine, Ruth Stewart

Australian Embassy promotes the HPV vaccine in Serbia

Embassy of Australia in Serbia hosted an event to share Australia's experience inventing and distributing the HPV vaccine and to increase awareness on this...

Revolutionary Therapy for Cancer Patients

MR Image-Guided Radiation Therapy   
Focus Healthcare, Money For Nothing


Money For Nothing?

The number of Serbian citizens who rate their personal health as being bad or very bad is twice the average of EU member states. Simultaneously, indicators that could monitor the quality of health, comparable to European and global criteria, are often non-existent or are monitored in Serbia in a way that is incomparable with those parameters
Prof. Dr. Memet Özek, Division of Pediatric Neurosurgery Acibadem Healthcare Group

Prof. Dr. Memet Özek, Division of Pediatric Neurosurgery Acibadem Healthcare Group

Babies With Cerebral Palsy Can Be Helped With Early Rehabilitation

More than 17 million people worldwide suffer from cerebral palsy (brain paralysis), a disorder of the musculoskeletal system

Ana Govedarica, Roche Serbia General Manager & SSCC Board Member

New Medicines Available Quicker Than Ever

Roche applies a flexible model through which, in cooperation with local health systems, prices are determined on the basis of the budgets of health funds and the effects they have on individuals

Focus: Legalisation of cannabis-based preparations in Serbia

Cannabis On Prescription? Yes, No, Maybe!

Cannabis is derived from the cannabis plant. It grows wild in many tropical and temperate parts of the world. Research has shown that medical marijuana can be used to treat chronic pain, muscle spasticity, anorexia, nausea and sleep disruption

Dr. Zsofia Pusztai, World Health Organisation Representative In Serbia And Head Of The Who Country Office

Health Is The Essence

“We will work jointly with the Ministry of Health to identify more effective health financing policies to address the needs of the most disadvantaged,” announces for CorD Dr Zsofia Pusztai, WHO Representative in Serbia and Head of the WHO country office
Medical Cannabis - Trends In Europe And Around The World

Medical Cannabis – Trends In Europe And Around The World

The legal cannabis industry is one of the fastest-growing in the U.S. In 2016 alone, the industry brought in $6.9 billion – a 30...

Yoga: The Natural Immunity Booster Stretch Your Body To Calm Your...

The benefits of yoga provide both instant gratification and lasting transformation. In the fitness world, both are extremely important.

Dr Verica Lazić, Director of the National Health Insurance

Administration By Saving The Patients Also Get More

For the first ten months of 2016, the NHIA sent 544 insured individuals for treatment abroad, free in-vitro fertilisation was performed at as many as 16 health facilities, availability of drugs is at a satisfactory level, while patients' rights have been extended when it comes to rehabilitation
Professor Aleksandar N. Nešković, chairman of the Clinic for Internal Medicine and Chief of the Interventional Cardiology

Professor Aleksandar N. Nešković, Chairman at the Clinic For Internal Medicine

Every Other Citizen Of Serbia Dies Of Cardiovascular Disease!

In 2014 some 53,993 people in Serbia died of heart and blood vessel diseases

Dr Đorđe Bajec, General surgeon at the Bel Medic Hospital

Major Surgeries, Minor Incisions

Bel Medic General Hospital is the only hospital in Serbia that has a complete centre for minimally invasive surgery. The goal of the centre is to eliminate the need for conventional surgery through the development, testing and implementation of less invasive procedures. Bel Medic provides surgery in all medical fields: VATS, laparoscopic surgery, arthroscopy and endoscopic spinal surgery

Dr Igor Georgijev and Dr Lazar Pajević, Atlas General Hospital

Global Standards In Serbian Private Medical Practice

Atlas General Hospital is the first private hospital in Serbia focused on surgical services with the most complex and demanding surgical procedures

Dr Tanja Radenkov Micić, Eterna Medical System

Another Year Older, But Younger

Why shouldn’t the New Year bring with it a new and fresher face? It’s still not too late for that to happen

Nađa Stupar, Clinical Biochemistry Specialist, Aqualab Plus

NIPT – Next Generation

Pregnancy represents one of the most beautiful experiences for women, which carries with it a great sense of responsibility. Support is needed from loved ones, but also professional people who should provide all necessary information related to this complex condition, which in Serbia is referred to with reason as the “second state”. Women who have been informed and sure of themselves have had positive experiences

AdenT Dental Clinic

Trends In Modern Dentistry

Implant dentistry was developed with the idea of rehabilitating the chewing function so that patients without teeth could eat well without removable dentures, since...
Ina Bulat, General Manager & Managing Director SER&MNE & Regional Manager South Adriatic at Merck

Ina Bulat, General Manager & Managing Director SER&MNE & Regional Manager South Adriatic at Merck

Helping The World Be Well

Our approach is aligned with our mission and values and focuses on four key priorities: access to medicines, environmental sustainability, employee health and well-being, and ethics and transparency
Aqualab plus Laboratory

Aqualab plus Laboratory

Aqualab: We Care About You 24/7, 365 Days A Year

With their impeccable work and exceptional results, Aqualab plus Laboratory are getting closer to their goal of becoming the leading institution in highly specialised lab diagnostics in Serbia and the region