Goran Pekez

President of the Japanese Business Club

New members of the JBAS Board of Directors elected

Seven new members of the JBAS Board of Directors were elected at the V regular General Assembly session.   V regular General Assembly session of the...

Goran Pekez, Chairman of the Board of Directors of JBAS

Serbia an Important Developing Market

We must work stronger to promote opportunities to do business in Serbia among Japanese business circles and spread the word in larger circles, as trade cooperation can be enhanced between Serbian and Japanese companies in both Europe and Serbia.

FIC to continue support of EU accession process

With a series of successful meetings with representatives of the European Commission, delegation the Foreign Investors Council (FIC) finalized its visit to Brussels, fifth...
Goran Pekez, Corporate Affairs and Communications Director, JTI

Goran Pekez, Corporate Affairs and Communications Director, JTI

Joint Efforts To Curb The Grey Economy

By investing in a new production line, we continue to invest in Serbia, which clearly shows our determination to continue with growth, development and employment. We encourage the efforts of the state to curb the grey economy and to raise citizens' awareness of the importance of paying taxes

Ambassador Maruyama Hosts Business Networking Lunch

Ambassador of Japan H.E.Junichi Maruyama held an annual Business networking lunch for the representatives of the Japanese companies and their partner-companies in Serbia.

Goran Pekez, President Of The Japanese Business Alliance In Serbia – JBAS; Corporate Affairs And Communications Director For The Adriatic Region At JT International A.D. Senta

Public Sector Reforms Should Be Faster

This year’s Kopaonik Business Forum was one of the most successful gatherings to date. Some very good conclusions were drawn related to fiscal consolidation, sustainable growth and the macroeconomic conditions in the country

Serbian Business Opportunities Presented

A business delegation comprising 16 Japanese companies – operating in the sectors of IT, trade, transport, food production and the automotive, machine and construction...

FIC Elects New Board of Directors

The Foreign Investors Council held the regular annual session of the Assembly, electing the new Board of Directors and adopting a set of important...
Goran Pekez

Goran Pekez, President Of The Japanese Business Alliance In Serbia

Our Cooperation Should Be Even Stronger

Open discourse between the state and industry is something that has contributed, and will continue to contribute, to improving the business environment in Serbia. Members of the JBAS are renowned companies that are very willing to cooperate with the Serbian Government and contribute to even stronger relations between Japan and Serbia

FIC Conducted 4th Visit To The EU Institutions

Foreign Investors Council conducted the 4th annual visit to the EU institutions in Brussels

Goran Pekez, President Of The FIC Anti-Illicit Trade Committee(JT International a.d. Senta)

Joint Engagements ToEven Better Results

Remarkable results have been achieved in combatting the grey economy. However, in order for this process to be addressed comprehensively, it is necessary to fully implement the Law on Inspection Oversight, harmonise sectoral laws with the umbrella law and ensure good inter-agency cooperation

FIC Second “Dialogue For Change”

Dedicated to the tax regulation and implementation

Goran Pekez, President Of The Japanese Business Club And Corporate Affairs And Communication Director At Japan Tobacco International For The Western Balkans:

Better Business Climate Will Benefit Society

The companies gathered together in the Japanese Business Club want to support the Serbian Government in its efforts to provide the private sector with the best possible business conditions. This will benefit both the State and the citizens, as higher employment will bring a better standard of living

Goran Pekez, president of the Japanese Business Club

Japanese Companies Support Changes that Contribute to Stability

What is most important for members of the Japanese Business Club, but also all other investors, is macroeconomic stability, in terms of the predictability and stability of the business environment