Choe Hyoung-chan

H.E. Choe Hyoung-chan, Ambassador of Korea to Serbia

Korean Embassy hosts K Beauty Event

Korean Embassy, headed by Ambassador H.E. Choe Hyoung-chan and his wife hosted a presentation of the Korean cosmetics. The event was attended by the wives...

Choe Hyoung-chan, Korean Ambassador to Serbia

Complete Denuclearisation for Peace on the Korean Peninsula

No more provocative testing of missiles or nuclear weapons by North Korea and a level of continued cooperation between the South and North are the top outcomes evolving ever since last year’s inter-Korean summits – Ambassador Choe Hyoung Chan

New Ambassador of the Republic of Korea

Hyoung-chan Choe

Ambassador H.E. Hyoung-chan Choe (51) holds a BA Degree in International Relations and an MA Degree in Public Policy from Seoul National University, as...