Jovana Vukotić, Adriatic Region Head Of Communications and Government Affairs, Siemens

The Future is Digital

Pioneering technologies and business models built on them have been an integral part of Siemens' DNA for 170 years. The company has recognized the importance of digitalization as one of the key drivers of economic andsocial progress

With many projects under its belt and its continuous support to various institutions, Siemens has shown to be a reliable partner not only to Serbian business in the fields of digitalisation, electrification and automation but also to the society in general. How much do innovation and technological development change our lives, habits, standards and ourselves? – Our world is becoming increasingly digitised, from personal devices to complex systems in the industry. 

Siemens strives to ease the transition to industry 4.0 by offering a comprehensive portfolio focusing on individual approach and customised solutions tailored to our clients’ needs. The key goal is to offer added value through enhancing quality, service and resource efficiency.

Siemens encourages media coverage of these society-changing issues. Is that why you established the prestigious Siemens Press Award?

– Since its introduction, the Siemens Press Award has focused on promoting important topics, such as improving quality of life by introducing state-of-the-art technologies. The competition provides the media with the opportunity to cooperate with their colleagues in other countries, and take further steps in their careers by sharing knowledge and experience.

The Siemens Press Award has become a tradition in Serbia since its launch in 2010 and has grown over the past four years to become a regional project including Central and Eastern European countries. With this project, we wish to contribute to professional and quality journalism by promoting excellence in writing, improving the quality of reporting and ensuring access to relevant topics and subject matters.

We are convinced that the technological changes taking place today not only affect the lives of every individual, but also point to the trends of cities, industry and energy in the future

We know that Siemens is active in corporate social responsibility. Which recent action would you like to point out?

– Our company’s policy is to provide support to various establishments, institutions, and organisations. We believe that a company is successful when it anticipates and meets the needs of the society in which the company operates. A part of this success reflects in the company’s contribution to community development through its investments in corporate social responsibility projects.

As part of our corporate social responsibility efforts, we have decided to make donations to several healthcare institutions in Serbia, where this type of assistance is of great importance.

This year Siemens has worked on a project together with NURDOR, and our employees have participated in donations to this organization. Last year, we organised the “Be Someone’s Santa Clause” project for the Zvecanska Children’s Home: our employees prepared gifts for each child based on what the children wished for in their letters to Santa. In addition to these projects, Siemens is dedicated to providing education and support to young people as we believe that all talents should get the same chance of becoming new leaders.