Uroš Đorđević, Account Executive, Dell Technologies

Pioneer in the New Era of Digital Tech

Dell Technologies is a corporation that’s oriented towards technological innovation and keeps pace with technological trends in every sense, which includes AI

Speaking in this CorD interview, Dell Technologies’ Uroš Đorđević explains how one of the IT sector’s global leaders supports the growing needs of its customers and their broader goals of digital transformation in today’s hybrid environment, but also why he is convinced that intense technological advancement lies ahead for all of us.

Your portfolio is like a living entity that expands constantly and encompasses a wide range of products and technical solutions. Do you have a portfolio specifically for our market or is the full Dell portfolio available to Serbian business users?

— Precisely as you note, our portfolio is like living matter that constantly adapts to its surroundings and the demands of the market, and that strives towards constant technological advancement.

The lion’s share of the Dell Technologies portfolio is available on our market and to business users in Serbia through our sales network. The company’s philosophy revolves around making advanced technology accessible to everyone worldwide. Dell distinguishes itself as a pioneer in various areas of technology, including hybrid cloud solutions, cybersecurity solutions, edge computing and high-performance computing, but also in as innovative social impact and sustainability initiatives. We emphasise technology’s role in solving complex social challenges in sectors like healthcare, education and the digital economy.

You often emphasise the fact that you’ve been listening to the expectations of clients since the company’s establishment. In practical terms, does this mean that all your solutions and products are adapted to users’ business demands and complex IT needs?

— Our company is dedicated fully to developing technology and providing services that make it easier for our users to do business and that provide the possibility to create an effective business environment able to generate profit. Through an extremely broad portfolio of products and services, as well as a high-quality sales and service network, we are able to satisfy most of our users’ needs and demands.

The lion’s share of the Dell Technologies portfolio is available on our market and to business users in Serbia through our sales network

Dell Technologies creates integrated solutions, has a comprehensive product offer and holds the leading position in critical solutions for clients and infrastructure. From PCs to the core data centre, the cloud and the edge, creating deep insights into the client and driving innovation are at the core of everything Dell Technologies does. We want to help our clients modernise their IT infrastructure, manage and operate in a multi-cloud world, solve their workforce transformation processes and provide critical solutions that keep people connected.

Dell Technologies is also perfectly positioned to help address the growing needs of our customers and their broader digital transformation goals as they embrace today’s hybrid environment.

According to the E-Government Development Index, Serbia has recorded the most progress in Europe when it comes to the provision of electronic services… and it hasn’t stopped there! Are you still working to improve e-government and advance digital transformation?

— The digital transformation of public administration is extremely important and brings many benefits to Serbian citizens, while easing the operations of various spheres. We are considered as being a valued partner by the public sector on its digital journey. We focus on outcomes for customers and constantly develop new solutions in order to satisfy our clients’ complex IT needs.

Serbia is even ahead of some EU countries today when it comes to the number and quality of the electronic services it offers citizens, but it is still working to further advance its e-government and digital transformation and has thus achieved an extremely important result for our country. This is a long-term process that should encompass the development of e-services in as many areas as possible. We are certainly part of such an important process with our technological solutions.

You strive to ensure advanced technology is as accessible as possible in order to contribute to the solving of numerous challenges. Is it now time for more intensive advancements in healthcare, education, the economy etc.?

— Serbia also demonstrated its high level of adaptability and innovation under the conditions of the Covid-19 pandemic, when it introduced new e-services to protect citizen health and the economy, such as the electronic scheduling of vaccination appointments, e-applications for state aid and e-applications for artificial insemination, among others.

Investments in healthcare and education serve to increase citizen’s quality of life significantly and provide great potential for the specialist training of people from various fields

Investments in healthcare and education serve to increase citizen’s quality of life significantly and provide great potential for the specialist training of people from various fields. Our technological solutions are ubiquitous in the healthcare and education fields, at the level of infrastructure, data collection and processing, but also in securing client devices, protecting against cyberattacks and at the level of support for AI and machine learning.

While we’re on the topic of visions and plans, we mustn’t overlook your Partnership Programme for 2024. What can you tell us about it?

— As in previous years, we attach great importance to our partner companies and ensure high-quality and profitable cooperation by advancing the partnership programme constantly. Our network of partners is our great strength, in terms of both technical specialisation and expertise, but also in terms of the market positioning and sales of our solutions and services.

Considering that we are in the midst of an IT industry golden age, you are rightly making big, ambitious and optimistic plans, both globally and locally. Could you share some of them with us?

— Dell Technologies is a corporation that’s oriented towards technological innovations and we keep pace technological trends in every sense, which at this moment certainly means artificial intelligence (AI), and that will continue in the future. In cooperation with our partners at the global level, we ensure a high AI performance level through the implementation and management of AI infrastructure designed for the new era of digital technologies.

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