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German Unity Day Celebrated in Belgrade

In the Serbian capital last evening, the German Unity Day was commemorated. The German Embassy in Serbia organized this lavish event, marking the 33rd anniversary of the East and West’s momentous reunification, hailing it as a beacon in European history.

Ambassador Anke Konrad, taking the mantle with pride, expressed her gratitude to all attendees for sharing in this ceremonial occasion and emphasised the significance of bolstering bilateral ties between Germany and Serbia.

The celebration, held at the Belgrade Youth Centre, saw a gathering of Serbia’s political and social luminaries. Prime Minister Ana Brnabić, leading opposition figures, as well as dignitaries from the diplomatic community, business sector, NGOs, and media, collectively paid tribute to this significant anniversary.

Business Partner Germany, Special issue of CorD Magazine

The German Unity Day, celebrated on the 3rd of October, stands as a testament to overcoming divisions, symbolising the fall of the Berlin Wall. This event, which transpired on the 9th of November 1989, marked a watershed moment, ushering in a fresh chapter for Europe, liberating it from the shackles of communism.

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