Uniqa Marks 10 Years Of Doing Business In Serbia

22.01.2016 UNIQA osiguranje, one of the five most successful insurance companies operating in Serbia, has marked the start of its tenth year of successful, socially responsible operations in Serbia. Over the course of the past nine years, UNIQA has invested over €60 million in different spheres of business. It successfully completed the process of acquiring Basler Insurance, worth around €9 million, after which UNIQA Serbia boasts 730 employees, 33 branches and more than 400 points of sale.


“We start this jubilee year with a shift in business strategy, focused on the development of long-term cooperation with partners, as well as stronger and more connected relations with clients. We havbe formed our Department for Corporate Operations, which indicates one of the company’s main strategic directions this year,” said Gordana Bukumirić, President of the UNIQA Executive Board.