First Kaizen Congress Held In Serbia

On 28 and 29 September Belgrade has hosted its first ever Kaizen Congress, dedicated to the unique Japanese business philosophy

The word ‘kaizen’ means “change for the better” and represents a business philosophy of continuous improvements, which emerged at Toyota 50 years ago and has since spread around the world. The congress saw the basics of this business philosophy presented to the more than 200 participants, but also tangible examples of companies in Serbia that already apply this business method.

“Our goal is to familiarise Serbian managers with the basics of Kaizen, while the long-term desire is for the applying of Japanese business principles to move Serbian industry at least a bit closer to one of the world’s most efficient economies,” says Bojan Šćepanović, director of the Kaizen Institute of Serbia.

The event’s speakers came exclusively from the ranks of those who use Kaizen in practise, with the keynote lecture held by Kimmo Jarvinen, director of the Kaizen Institute of Finland.