FIC Cocktail: Focus on Topic of Growth

FIC Cocktail Focus on Topic of Growth Dejan Turk

On June 13, around 80 FIC members, potential members and other guests gathered for a pleasant cocktail in the premises of the Crowe RS, sponsor of the event.

It was the occasion for FIC officials to thank the outgoing Executive Director Ana Tozzi for almost 12 years of committed work in FIC and wish a warm welcome to her successor Aleksandar Ljubić. FIC VP Vladislav Lalić said she will be missed, citing in particular her commitment, knowledge and persistence.

Ana Tozzi

Ana Tozzi said it was hard to say goodbye after almost 12 years spent in FIC but easy to say thank you. She reminded that FIC has grown to become a strong organisation respected for expert views, representing the wider business community and not specific interest groups. This should not be taken for granted, she added.

“Our White Book is I think the reference point for everybody who is thinking about doing business in Serbia, to see what it’s like operating in Serbia. Reputable international organisations see FIC as a focal point for having an unbiased opinion about the economic developments here”, Ana said, also mentioning the well-developed relations with the Government. It was a privilege to be in FIC, she concluded, wishing all the best to her successor and FIC in future.

Aleksandar Ljubić

New Executive Director Aleksandar Ljubić thanked Ana for establishing high standards within the association. He also thanked for the confidence in him and outlined his main plans at the position of the ED:  to try to increase the number of FIC members, make the association more influential, and to execute the decisions of the Board.

Communication Officer Milica Djordjević also thanked former Executive Director for exceptional cooperation and wished new ED a warm welcome.

In his intro speech, FIC Vice President Dejan Turk presented the plan of main FIC activities in 2019, notably the WB preparations and launch and events on the GDPR, noting that harmonisation with the EU in this domain came earlier than expected. He also presented new Regulatory Officer Bojana Tomic- Brkusanin, wishing her warm welcome and thanked Ana for her immense support to FIC during all these years.