Ana Tozzi

Former Executive Director of the Foreign Investors Council FIC

FIC Cocktail Focus on Topic of Growth Dejan Turk

FIC Cocktail: Focus on Topic of Growth

On June 13, around 80 FIC members, potential members and other guests gathered for a pleasant cocktail in the premises of the Crowe RS,...

The Foreign Investors Council

FIC: Solid basis for the future growth

The Foreign Investors Council (FIC) held the regular annual session of the Assembly, summarizing the key achievements and making a solid basis for future...
FIC to continue support of EU accession process

FIC to continue support of EU accession process

With a series of successful meetings with representatives of the European Commission, delegation the Foreign Investors Council (FIC) finalized its visit to Brussels, fifth...
Ana Tozzi, FIC Executive Director -

Ana Tozzi, FIC Executive Director

Our Members Needs Oblige Us To Improve Constantly

We are proud of everything we’ve done over the last 15 years on the eliminating of obstacles to doing business not only for our members, but for domestic companies. However, there is no resting on our laurels! Since 2002, when the FIC was established, the business climate has improved significantly, but our mission has not been completed

Ana Tozzi, Foreign Investors Council (FIC) Executive Director

Digitisation Supports Key Reform

One topic clearly stood out as the unifying factor mentioned at all KBF panels as a game changer – digitisation. One could find numerous reasons why digitisation is in focus. In the view of the FIC, the key reason is that digitisation could turn out to be a universal recipe for treating the two biggest challenges in Serbia
Foreign Investors Council FIC

FIC Conducted 4th Visit To The EU Institutions

Foreign Investors Council conducted the 4th annual visit to the EU institutions in Brussels

Ana Firtel, Executive Director Of TheForeign Investors Council

We’ve Preserved Unity And Independence

The two most important lessons we’ve learned from 15 years of successful activities are that we have preserved our unity and independence by insisting on firm rules, and that, with openness to dialogue and constructive criticism, we have shown readiness to constantly change in accordance with the challenges of each juncture