As of Today, EXPOBANK A.D. Beograd Becomes Adriatic Bank

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As of today, September 1st, Expobank A.D. Beograd will officially operate under the new name, Adriatic Bank A.D. Beograd. This change in the bank’s name is part of a series of strategic initiatives aimed at establishing a visual connection with a bank committed to delivering high-quality services customized to the current needs of its clients.

After the name change, Adriatic Bank A.D. Belgrade will be introducing a new business activity at a new location within Skyline Tower Belgrade in the near future, providing private banking services. In addition to office space for this business segment, the opening of a new branch within the Skyline Tower complex is planned, which will offer a modern banking experience.

“Our primary focus will be directed towards highly personalized services for clients, providing financial support to the economy and the SME sector. We look forward to the opportunities these changes bring and will make efforts to stand out as a bank that provides swiftness and security to our clients in the competitive banking market,” emphasized the new President of the Executive Board of Adriatic Bank, Mr. Đorđe Lukić.

We would like to remind you that earlier this year in April, the majority owner of Adriatic Bank acquired Expobank A.D. Belgrade with the intention of expanding their successful business into the Serbian market. The new management, boasting exceptional professional credentials and extensive experience in the field of finance and banking, stands as a guarantee for the bank’s forthcoming successful operations. The business strategy will be focused on the creation of a secure and reliable institution that interacts with clients swiftly and effectively.

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