Serbian Agriculture: Conference at the Belgrade Faculty of Agriculture

20.12.2016First official press conference of the Agriculture and Environmental Protection Minister

Serbian Agriculture and Environmental Protection Minister Branislav Nedimović and his expert team held the first official press conference at the University of Belgrade’s Faculty of Agriculture, at which they presented up-to-date information on the Ministry’s ongoing activities and plans for the period ahead.

Alongside Minister Branislav Nedimović, those in attendance were also addressed by Zoran Janjatović, Assistant Minister in the Rural Development Sector, Radivoj Nadlački, Agrarian Policy Advisor to the Minister, and Žarko Radat, Director of the Directorate for Agrarian Payments.

“We have made an ambitious but realistic plan, for which we have secured an adequate budget that we intend to use effectively. We aspire to achieve the European standard in agriculture, both as a goal in itself, but also as a step in the EU accession process,” said Minister Nedimović.