Svetosavska Award 2023: Illuminating the Path to Education and Development

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Serbia was filled with pride and celebration as the Svetosavskа Award for 2023, recognising outstanding contributions in the field of education and upbringing, was presented over the weekend.

Named after Saint Sava, the great Serbian enlightener, this year’s award highlighted individuals and institutions that have excelled in advancing educational and upbringing practices and the development of scientific and artistic achievements in the field of education.

These prestigious awards were bestowed upon the following recipients:

– Academy Filipović d.o.o., Jagodina – For exceptional efforts in the field of education and upbringing.
– Preschool Institution “Bambi,” Loznica – For the enhancement of preschool education.
– Preschool Institution “Pava Sudarski,” Novi Bečej – For outstanding contributions to preschool education.
– Preschool Institution “Dr. Sima Milošević,” Zemun, Belgrade – For exceptional work in the field of preschool education.
– Preschool Institution “Naša Radost,” Varvarin – For continuous improvement in preschool upbringing.
– Elementary School “Vasa Čarapić,” Beli Potok, Belgrade – For outstanding results in primary education.
– Elementary School “Ljubica Jovanović Radosavljević,” Podvrška, Kladovo – For exceptional contributions to primary education.
– Medical School “Dr. Andra Jovanović,” Šabac – For outstanding work in the field of medical education.
– First Kragujevac Gymnasium, Kragujevac – For consistent outstanding achievements in gymnasium education.
– Academy of Technical Vocational Studies, Belgrade – For exceptional efforts in the field of vocational education.
– Faculty of Arts, University of Niš – For outstanding contributions to the fields of arts and culture.

These recipients, through their dedicated work and commitment to education, have left a profound impact and contributed to the development of the field of education and upbringing in Serbia. We extend our heartfelt congratulations to all the recipients on their well-deserved awards and their invaluable contributions to the community.

The Svetosavskа Award is traditionally presented by the Ministry of Education, Science, and Technological Development of the Republic of Serbia. The ceremony served as an opportunity to emphasise the importance of education and its influence on the future of society. This recognition reminds us of the significance of investing in education and its invaluable role in the nation’s development.

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