Elnos Group

Proven Business Across The Nordic Market

Elnos Group is a domestic company that considers Sweden, Iceland and Norway as its second home. Headquartered in Southeast Europe, it operates throughout the continent in the field of electrical energy, specialising in facilities of up to 400 kV

With a scope of work that encompasses participation in the most challenging and complex energy projects, Elnos Group has to date confirmed its professionalism and expertise on multiple occasions. Employing more than 600 workers, it operates in 14 business centres in Southeast, Central, Northern and Southern Europe.


Over the ten years of its work on the Nordic market, Elnos Group has successfully implemented more than 90 projects. With engagements in Sweden, Norway and Iceland, the company’s teams have so far reconstructed and built thousands of kilometres of transmission lines and dozens of substations in these countries.

Through an expert approach to projects, the staff of Elnos Group have repeatedly left the public breathless with their implementing of (im)possible missions. They constructed the 220 kV Kröflulína 3 transmission line across Icelandic lava fields, participated in the construction of the Búrfell 2 hydroelectric power plant (270 MW) that’s located 100 metres underground, built a 100-metre-high transmission line on the shores of Sweden’s Lake Mälaren, participated in the construction of the longest HVDC interconnection in Europe and much more.

According to Elnos Group Management Board Vice President Branko Torbica, “Elnos Group is today one of the leading service providers in the Nordic countries, and to date we’ve left our greatest mark by working on the Swedish and Icelandic markets. Our future plans include strengthening our existing portfolio in these two countries, with the intention of expanding it in the segment of infrastructure and industry. We also aim to develop further on the market in Norway, the country where we formed part of the capital project for the construction of the NordLink HVDC interconnection”.

Elnos Group teams travelled to Iceland and Sweden on special charter flights during the period of the complete shutdown of European airports, in order to continue implementing capital projects previously initiated in these countries

Adding that the company is also making increasingly significant strides on other European markets, Torbica explains: “We are increasingly working in Germany and the Netherlands, and during the previous few months we’ve signed our first contracts in Portugal and the UK, while we also plan to enter the Danish market by the end of this year”.

This Group today works in cooperation with local Scandinavian partners on the implementing of projects for companies Svenska Kraftnät, Vattenfall, E.ON, Elevio, Landsnet, Landsvirkjun and many others.

Elnos has such strong business links with the markets of the Nordic countries that it even broke down barriers during the pandemic. It was then that Elnos Group teams travelled to Iceland and Sweden on special charter flights, despite the complete shutdown of European airports then in force, in order to continue implementing capital projects that had previously been initiated in these countries.

According to Elnos Nordic Director of Operations Nenad Vukomanović, “with the establishing of site management at the level of Elnos Nordic, we contributed to the creating of all necessary conditions for even more intensive cooperation with our partners. The Nordic market is one of the most important markets of the Elnos Group and I’m convinced that we’re now on the threshold of a new and even more successful stage of our operations in this part of Europe”.

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