Anders Samuelsen, Danish Minister for Foreign Affairs

EU Accession Cannot Be Rushed

Serbia has achieved substantial progress, but the implementation of real reforms is crucial. A credible market economy, rule of law and an empowered civil society with free media and secured fundamental rights are important elements for any country preparing for EU membership. I would also mention Serbia’s ability to fight corruption and organised crime as being of particular importance – Anders Samuelsen

Denmark and Serbia: Very good bilateral relations

Prime Minister Ana Brnabić spoke today with Danish Minister of Foreign Affairs Anders Samuelsen about the continuation of bilateral cooperation and informed him about...

The Nordic model a good example for the Western Balkans

"The Nordic model of cooperation is an excellent experience for the countries of the Western Balkans," said Marko Čadež, President of the PKS, on...
Anders Christian Hougard Ambassador Denmark to Serbia

H.E. Anders Christian Hougård Ambassador Of Denmark to Serbia

Goal Worth Fighting For

It is our hope that the success stories of Danish companies operating in Serbia will persuade more of their counterparts to invest in the country. However, this is a two-way street. We would still expect Serbian central and local governments to maintain their efforts to improve the business environment, digitise services and enforce the rule of law. The list of tasks might seem long, but the end-result is worth fighting for

Nordic Countries Week: Denmark


Embassies of Denmark and Poland Support the Sustainable Architecture Congress

Ambassador of Denmark H.E. Anders Hougård and the Co-ordinator for Public Diplomacy of the Embassy of the Republic of Poland Joanna Budišin joined the organisers of the International Sustainable Architecture Congress - Energy Efficiency at the conference that announced the second congress. Read more

Ambassador Hougård announces Sustainable Architecture Congress

Ambassador of Denmark H.E. Anders Hougård and the Co-ordinator for Public Diplomacy of the Embassy of the Republic of Poland Joanna Budišin joined the...

Public Procurement – Nordic Experience Forum

"Our greatest expectations from the new law on public procurement is to apply the criterion of the most cost-effective economic offer because we consider it to be much better than the current criterion of the lowest prices. In the long run, it can lead to greater efficiency and higher savings in the public sector"

Danish Business Club and Nordic Business Alliance Members Gathering

H.E. Hougård expressed said he is pleased that the number of Danish companies interested in doing business with Serbia is increasing.
Nordic Day 2018video

Nordic Day

Ambassadors of the Nordic countries in Serbia have hosted a reception at the Norwegian residence on the occasion of marking the Nordic Day
56th Nordic Day 2018

56th Nordic Day

The Nordic ambassadors to Serbia organised a reception at the Norwegian residence to celebrate Nordic Day.

Nordic countries agree on closer cooperation to tackle the climate crisis

At their meeting in Helsinki on Friday 25 January, the Prime Ministers and ministers responsible for climate issues of the Nordic countries decided to...
Exhibition Marks Centenary Of Serbian-Danish Relations 2017

Exhibition Marks Centenary Of Serbian-Danish Relations

The Embassy of Denmark in Serbia, the Yugoslav Archives and the Serbian Ministry of Foreign Affairs jointly organised the exhibition ‘Belgrade – Copenhagen’, commemorating...

Nordic Innovative Business In Serbia

The Norwegian Ambassadorial Residence in Belgrade hosted the conference Nordic Innovative Business in Serbia, which was co-organised by the Nordic Business Alliance and the...
H.E. Anders Christian Hougård

H.E. Anders Christian Hougård

New Danish Ambassador to Serbia

Partners Nordic Countries 2017

Unity and economic success, a model for the Western Balkans
Anders Christian Hougård EU Should Not Be Written Off 2017

H.E. Anders Christian Hougård, Ambassador of Denmark to Serbia

The EU Should Not Be Written Off

An independent judiciary, a trust-based administration free of corruption and, last but not least, the value of having a free media are indispensable pillars for a country that wants to build a stable democracy – says Anders Christian Hougård

Exhibition The Kingdom of Denmark-from Copenhagen to the Arctic

An exhibition of photographs entitled The Kingdom of Denmark - From Copenhagen to the Arctic was officially opened on the Sava promenade at the...