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Company LEONI is a global leader in the production of wire systems and cable technology. Over 75,000 highly qualified and motivated employees in 31 countries are directed towards understanding and meeting the demands of our clients. LEONI is constantly seeking new solutions and ideas, and it engages young people, providing them with support during their education, employment opportunities and professional development

In Serbia, LEONI faces intensive development and an strong need to recruit a large number of candidates with different educational backgrounds. However, the situation on the labour market is such that there is no existing available qualified workforce, nor candidates with the necessary educational profile. It is for this reason that we have started participating in several programmes aimed at providing qualifications for unemployed people.

  • The programme “Training for a known employer” lasts two months and consists of basic training and training in the workplace. Basic training is carried out at a training centre that covers an area of over 400m². Students acquire basic knowledge about the company, are familiarised with the specific requirements of the customer, work instructions and practical work. They then continue their training in production and gain qualifications for performing the job of operators. Successfully qualified trainees receive an adequate certificate. From 2009 to date, we have engaged 1,875 people, 90 per cent of whom remained in employment.
  • The “Professional Practice” programme lasts six months and has the aim of providing students with practical knowledge and skills for independent work in an occupation without establishing employment. By the end of 2016, this programme had included 36 participants, with 32 of them continuing to work in the company.
  • The “First Chance” programme provides vocational training and employment for young people up to the age of 30 who have no previous work experience in this profession. By year’s end 2016 this programme had included 14 participants, seven of whom continued to work at the company.
  • The Programme “Practical experience for final year students” was established in cooperation with the Faculty of Economics in Niš. We implemented this kind of cooperation for the first time in 2016.

Successful participants in the “First Chance” programme:

– Aleksandar Andrić, Graduate of law, Director of the Legal department:

“it is crucial to align formal knowledge of basic elements and institutions and the real needs of business in the areas of labour law and business operations. Education programmes after leaving the classroom carry this success. LEONI provides that without knowing the boundaries of career development, the desired vocation and the destinations are available.”

 – Dalibor Stojanović, Graduate of economics, Supply Chain Manager:

“Knowledge rounded off with the compiling of my graduate dissertation introduced me to the sector of company procurement and the modern supply chain. By working with experienced people from around the entire world I improved my knowledge and gave a strong contribution to the advancement of the company. LEONI, with its clearly defined processes and German approach, is the ideal environment for development.”

In Serbia, LEONI faces expansion and an expressed need to recruit a large number of candidates with different educational backgrounds, but on the labour market there is no existing available qualified workforce, nor candidates with the necessary educational profile

The practice to date of participating actively in personnel becoming qualified has shown exceptional results. The employees who participated in these programmes became involved quickly and effectively in work as highly motivated and loyal members of the company. That’s why we are continuing enthusiastically with the implementation of good practice as active participants in the development of dual education and professional practice for further and higher education.

Pierluigi Ghione, Leoni Wiring System Southeast

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