HR 2017

HR 2017: Dual And Vocational Education Training

Marko Čadež

Marko Čadež, President Of The Chamber Of Commerce & Industry

Companies Will Have The Workers They Need

The Chamber will play an active role during all implementation phases of the new vocational education model: by assessing the needs of the economy for existing and new occupations; keeping a register of accredited jobs; education; organising exams; licensing mentors and supervising contracts between companies and students

H.E. Arne Sannes Bjørnstad, Norwegian Ambassador To Serbia

Entrepreneurship Creates New Jobs For Youth

Norway is supporting Serbian pupils in acquiring entrepreneurial skills, thereby contributing to economic development and reducing the number of pupils that drop out of school. Furthermore, through several projects it is helping to bring practical entrepreneurship skills to the Serbian youth through informal education

H.E. Axel Dittmann, German Ambassador To Serbia

Better Education For A More Resilient Society

Dual education can be a major contributor to sustainable economic growth. The key prerequisite for it to work well is a functioning legal framework, which gives companies the security they need to work in Serbia and invest in their workers. Germany will continue to support Serbia in its economic and legal reform efforts and on its path towards the EU

Morten Skovgaard Hansen, Head Of Mission At The Embassy Of Denmark In Belgrade

Good Practice Creates More Job Opportunities

More and more Danish companies and investors are now interested in business opportunities in Serbia, thereby also often creating jobs in Serbia. Therefore Serbia’s interest in strengthening dual education will benefit companies, employees and the society

Ursula Läubli, Director of Swiss Cooperation, Embassy of Switzerland

Better Targeted Education Leads to Growth

In Switzerland, two-thirds of young women and men choose a VET pathway. With this background and our expertise, we are ideally positioned to promote youth employment in Serbia, as we see it as being crucial to socially inclusive growth and prosperous local development

Fabian Gems, Deputy Head of Advantage Austria

Partner for Change

Having a young, skilled workforce is in the best interests of Serbia. Advantage Austria is collaborating with key Serbian stakeholders in supporting, connecting and developing job profiles and curricula in the best interests of everybody – ministries, companies and especially young people in Serbia


From Good Practice to High Quality Law

The first positive experiences with dual education – among interested parents, local governments and schools – have shown that Serbia has the capacity and enthusiasm for change and tangible results - young people who acquire jobs immediately after leaving the classroom. Now it is important, with the assistance of donor countries, to make such a systemic framework that will make these kinds of results permanent

Dragana Koruga-Ristić, Country HR Manager at Coca Cola HBC

Developing a Winning Team

Through careful selection and training based on long and worldwide experience, Coca-Cola HBC achieves exceptional results, generating a keen interest among Serbian youth in becoming part of this successful team

Dragana Davidović, HR Manager, HEINEKEN Serbia

Our People Are Our Best Asset

HEINEKEN employs 73,000 people in over 70 countries worldwide. The company does business in all kinds of different markets, which makes it difficult to establish a universal HR management strategy. The solution is to adjust it and act according to the local business environment. HEINEKEN's global team defines the basic guidelines, but has a flexible approach and adapts them to local markets

Violeta Mrdaković , Partner, Assessment Systems Adria

Strategy Based On Digitisation and Learning Agility

Due to globalisation processes, ongoing technological development and mixed generation of workplace employees, employers in the region are focused constantly on seeking solutions that could contribute to the efficiency and - in recent years - digitisation of the workplace

Tomislav Mimica, HR Director at Delta Holding

Knowledge is a Crucial Competitive Advantage on the Market

Over the quarter century of its existence, Delta Holding has grown and evolved, changing its business, adjusting to the needs of the market, setting new standards, bringing new brands, being innovative and different all the way... Still, Delta Holding has remained true to one thing - we have invested in people and knowledge, creating professionals and experts, and making leaders

Ivana Ivić, Head of HR Department at UniCredit Bank Serbia

Benefiting From Diversity

UniCredit SpA’s strong operating presence in 16 countries throughout Europe is one of the bank’s main competitive advantages

Steliana Nedera, Deputy Resident Representative at UNDP Serbia

Innovative Solutions for Youth Unemployment

This innovative investment mechanism is gaining traction with investors around the world. The reason is simple: on top of earning a return, they also bring about social impact, hence the name – social impact investing

Leoni Wiring Systems Southeast d.o.o

Your Partner For Career Development

Company LEONI is a global leader in the production of wire systems and cable technology. Over 75,000 highly qualified and motivated employees in 31 countries are directed towards understanding and meeting the demands of our clients. LEONI is constantly seeking new solutions and ideas, and it engages young people, providing them with support during their education, employment opportunities and professional development

Milovan Stanišić Ph.D., President of Singidunum University

Study Programmes for Faster Employment

Although Serbia is only just introducing a dual education system, Singidunum University has for years insisted, in cooperation with industry, on a better education and observation of the quality of students, which leads to a third of graduates gaining employment already during their practical training placements in companies


Employment Prospects Through Vocational Training

German NGO Help has been operating in Serbia since 2002, providing start-ups with in-kind grants and business and vocational training in order to create self-employment and income opportunities. Throughout the years, Help has supported over 6,000 families in their efforts to secure regular incomes through projects aimed at ensuring sustainable growth and employment

Goran Janković, Director, Inmold Plast DOO

Step Ahead of The Times

Immold is a successful family company whose management, headed by director Goran Janković, strives to realise its vision: for experience and efficacy on the Serbian market to slowly but surely lead to the conquering of the European market, and for everything that is good, including elements of dual education, to be transferred to its working environment

Nenad Inđić, M&I Systems Co. Group

Roadmap For The Digital Business World

We are witnessing changes to the world we know. The dimensions of those changes are huge, their directions unexpected, their dynamics unpredictable and digitalization is their main driver