Jovan Milivojević, Sales & Marketing Director, Keramika Kanjiža

Setting Out To Conquer Europe

Ceramics company Keramika Kanjiža has existed for 38 years, and for the last three has been the official leader on the domestic market. Thanks to the quality of its products, and modern equipment that would be the envy of many global companies, this comppany is also highly rated in developed Western countries

From the very beginning, we at Keramika Kanjiža had the idea to provide every customer with the opportunity to define their own space, in accordance with their individual style, intentions and habits. With the brand’s evolution and the introduction of new formats and dimensions, we provide a huge range of possibilities to combine and express. In that sense we are unique.

You were the first company in Serbia to introduce the Ink Jet digital printer into regular production, and two years ago you completely digitised the process of decorating ceramic tiles. You’ve now modernised your production facility with the strongest presses and introduced Gres quality tiles. How important was this for the production process?

– The introduction of digitisation to the production process in 2016 certainly represented a revolution on our market. We recognised the transition to IT technology as the right business move and an opportunity for us to develop, to decorate tiles more boldly, and to bring quality control to perfection. That is why we now have optical-laser control, thanks to which we can detect even the tiniest imprecision. We are able, in this way, to provide customers with perfect ceramic tiles with a wide range of decorations and dimensions.

With the installing of the strongest presses in the region, which we possess, we have created a new space in which we produce large dimension “Gres Poreclain” tiles. Due to the high thrust that this press has, we produce extremely strong tiles.

It is very important for us to retain the leadership position on the domestic market that we have had for the last three years

You have enriched your offer with realistic imitations of natural and building materials, including cement, brick, concrete, Carrara marble etc. What sells the best?

– Our customers’ needs are our driving force. We are happy that we are able to satisfy their desires and the style they have and are developing. Thanks to the best pigments from Italy, we succeed in implementing the ideas of our customers, and that’s what led to the rise of our interpretations of natural and building materials, such as wood, marble, brick and stone. These tiles act better spatially, are easier to maintain and are more cost-effective than the original natural materials.

Domestic consumers still prefer to choose slightly “richer” décor, such as stone, marble and Carrara imitations. An absolute hit on Western markets is the replica wood, the weathered design, so-called Shubby Chic.

What’s more difficult: retaining a leading position on the domestic market or conquering foreign markets?

– It is very important for us to retain the leadership position on the domestic market that we have had for the last three years. This is not an easy task, considering all the disloyal competition, both among domestic retail chains and with imported junk products. But we have existed on the domestic market for 38 years and quality is synonymous with our products, which gives us something of a slight advantage when it comes to maintaining our leadership position.

However, along with the introduction of numerous innovations for this season, we have also set new goals – we will pay special attention to the idea of becoming one of the leading manufacturers of ceramic tiles on the European scene, standing side by side with the world’s best-known manufacturers. This will be a special challenge. It is definitely more difficult to conquer foreign markets, but that also carries with it excitement, as well as great joy for every consignment of tiles we sell.

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