CorD 163

May 2018 Issue

Zoran Zaev, Prime Minister Of The Republic Of Macedonia

Zoran Zaev, Prime Minister Of The Republic Of Macedonia

Year To Remember

After many lost years, 2018 might become historic for the Republic of Macedonia, and for its EU and NATO future. Positive changes are coming on the wings of the new government’s determination to implement the necessary reforms and bring stability and prosperity to a country that has long been shackled by internal political disputes and battles with Greece over the official name of the country
Gustavo Tristá del Todo Continuity In Cuba 2018

H.E. Gustavo Tristá Del Todo, Ambassador Of Cuba To Serbia

Continuity In Cuba

All processes are currently being considered, and among the priorities is developing the National Plan for Economic and Social Development until 2030... simultaneously with conformation of the irrevocable nature of our socialism and the leading role of the Party in Cuban society - H.E. Gustavo Tristá del Todo
Dejan Soskic Banks Cannot Thrive In A Stagnant Economy

Dejan Šoškić, Professor at the Faculty of Economics, University of Belgrade (EFB)

Banks Cannot Thrive In A Stagnant Economy

Major obstacles to faster economic growth in Serbia are not in the domain of the limited financial potential of domestic banks. Obstacles lay elsewhere: in the domain of a stagnant economy, weak institutional framework, rule of law, and credit risk sharing instruments for SMEs. As such, we shouldn’t be surprised if more foreign banks decide to leavein the medium- to long-term.
Vlatko Vedral-Life In Parallel Worlds

Vlatko Vedral, Scientist And Musician

Life In Parallel Worlds

How do you comprehend the notion, as considered by quantum physics, that parallel worlds exist? The answer is very easily, if you discuss it with Vlatko Vedral, the most cited physicist today

Rajko Grlić, Film Director & Producer

I’m Too Old To Grovel To Government

He has signed his name to around 30 feature and documentary films, winning the most awards in Yugoslavia and Croatia, while his latest film, The Constitution, is considered the boldest and one of the best films shot in recent decades on the territory of the former Yugoslavia. He has lectured in America for over 25 years and is a prominent professor and ‘Eminent Scholar in Film’ at Ohio University
Barry Eichengreen US China Trade War

Barry Eichengreen

Can a Trade War be Averted?

Because China has a higher export-to-GDP ratio than the US, its leaders are more concerned with defending the global trading system than with preserving any particular bilateral balance. By eschewing escalation in response to the Trump administration's widening tariffs on its exports, China avoids jeopardizing the system.

Jelena Kovačević, Media Advisor to the Prime Minister Ana Brnabić

Giving Up Is Not My Option

A month from now will mark exactly one year since I became an adviser for media to the Serbian Prime Minister, and that’s not just any Prime Minister, but the first lady Prime Minister in the history of Serbia
Jovo Vujčić Carlsberg Srbija

Jovo Vujčić, Production Director, Carlsberg Srbija

Investing In The Future Has No Cost

At the Čelarevo Brewery, which forms part of the Carlsberg Group, one of the world’s leading producers of beer, 224 million euros has been invested to date. Some €4.5 million was invested in 2017 alone, while investments worth €6.5 million are planned for the current year
Anne Goslee-Jovović, the International School Of Belgrade

Anne Goslee-Jovović, the International School Of Belgrade

A Celebration Of Learning

The International School of Belgrade (ISB) is proudly celebrating its 70thanniversary. Thousands of children have passed through the portals of knowledge at ISB since the school was founded in 1948. This would not be possible without ISB’s caring, committed and highly qualified educators.
Korean ceramics

South Korean Contemporary Ceramics:

Korean ceramics: Influence Of Tradition To Modern Approach

The tension between long-held traditions and modernization has become commonplace in the discourse of Korean contemporary art. The Korea Society’s exhibition of Korean ceramics...
Vivaldi At The Marathon 2018

Vivaldi At The Marathon

For the American two-time world record holder Khalid Khannouchi it was an “incredible charge of energy and great atmosphere enjoyed by everyone”, for Kevin Lee, Director of the “Wisdom Sports” agency that organizes 30 marathons in China, it was a “city festival”, for Predrag Tasovac, Director of the Belgrade Philharmonic Orchestra it was a “great artistic and sporting event, because people shared the most beautiful emotions”.
Jovan Milivojević, Setting Out To Conquer Europe 2018

Jovan Milivojević, Sales & Marketing Director, Keramika Kanjiža

Setting Out To Conquer Europe

Ceramics company Keramika Kanjiža has existed for 38 years, and for the last three has been the official leader on the domestic market. Thanks to the quality of its products, and modern equipment that would be the envy of many global companies, this comppany is also highly rated in developed Western countries
Aleksandar Mišković, Managing Director Of Livnica Preciznih Odlivaka

Aleksandar Mišković, Managing Director Of Livnica Preciznih Odlivaka

Little Ada For A Big World

Founded in 1978, the Ada-based precision castings foundry - Livnica Preciznih Odlivaka – has today been rejuvenated, thanks to the support of Israeli company Bet Shemesh Engines Ltd., as a supplier of the world's leading manufacturers of engines and components for turbojet engines
Vojin Djordjevic Voda Voda Conquers The World 2018

Vojin Djordjevic, Creator of the Vodavoda Brand

Voda Voda Conquers The World

VODA VODA comes from a depth of 605 meters, is filled at the very source without any additional finishing, and has an outstanding mineral composition, which the most demanding and fastidious consumers recognize and appreciate. Many new markets have been conquered; the conquest of the rest of the world is under way
Čedomir Janjić, Mayor Of The City Of Zrenjanin

Čedomir Janjić, Mayor Of The City Of Zrenjanin

There Will Be Ever More Jobs

The City of Zrenjanin is among the first in Serbia to open new, fully-equipped industrial zones and to attract investors with various benefits and the efficient work of the administration. This has paid off for the city
Ces.TRA, The Pride Of Serbia 2018

Ces.TRA, The Pride Of Serbia

The Belgrade Company CeS.TRA has been pronounced National Winner in the European Business Awards competition and business winner in Serbia in the category ‘Turnover from 0 to 25 million euros’. In May, we will see if they are the best in Europe.