Naoki Tsukada, General Manager of the Mitsubishi Corporation's Belgrade Liaison Office

New Strategy for a New Era

Recognising that businesses have life cycles that are influenced by environmental and other factors, Mitsubishi Corporation (MC) will re-profile its portfolio by proactively demonstrating the company’s strengths through the implementation of its mid-term corporate strategy by 2021

Japanese Speech Contest Held At The Embassy Of Japan

The special jury award was given to a student of the Faculty of Philology in Belgrade, Teodora Danilović, whose project is entitled on the topic "Why I love Japan".

Naoki Tsukada, General Manager Of Mitsubishi Corporation’s Belgrade Liaison Office

New Strategy, New Focus

The Strategy up to 2018 takes into account various environmental factors that are expected to have an impact on the Company, such as the world economic slowdown and geopolitical risks

Naoki Tsukada, General Manager Of Mitsubishi Corporation’s Belgrade

Office Working Towards A Seat In The EU Opportunities Ahead

Apart from our core business in the region, which is trading, our next step is connected to Serbia’s future EU membership and our interest is related to infrastructure projects. Entering the EU will give you, and us, new opportunities for further cooperation