Architecture Biennale In Venice 2016

The German Pavilion at Venice Sends a Political Message

The German contribution to the 2016 Architecture Biennale in Venice aims to send a political message: This is a country of immigrants. How does a culture of openness translate into architecture?

Culture Calendar

October 2016
Ivan Medenica

Ivan Medenica, Artistic Director and Curator of the Bitef Festival

Meeting Point of World Cultures

BITEF Festival marks this year its 50th anniversary
Gordan Mihic

Gordan Mihić, Author and Screenwriter

Writing is My Only Defence

It is paradoxical that I took fewer hits from the regime and a lot more from some people from the profession – because of their envy and malice, but I wasn’t particularly disturbed because of that, nor has it ever interfered with my work. This work has always been my only defence

Cultural Relations

Strategy, Vision And Perspectives Cultural Togetherness

Innovative and creative cooperation lies at the core of the new EUNIC Serbia approach to cultural relations and co-operation, addressing open society and youth issues with strategically focused and formatted activities in the new EUNIC GLOBAL strategy period 2016-2019

Žan-Batist Kizen, direktor Francuskog instituta u Srbiji

Misija približavanja

Delimo ubeđenje da su kultura, kreativnost i inovacija - umetnička, društvena, ekološka - najbolje ulaganje – smatra gospodin Kizen.
Sanyutei Rakumaro

Sanyutei Rakumaro, Artist

Wisdom is Required for Rakugo

With the introduction of the traditional rakugo theatre and an exhibition of dolls, pieces of Japan have been brought to Belgrade. Culture has been proven as the most certain way for countries and peoples to come together, regardless of how far apart they are geographically. That was also the case this June, thanks to the guest appearance in Belgrade of the Japanese rakugo theatre and the exhibition “Dolls of Japan”, organised by the Embassy of Japan in Serbia

Clare Sears, Director of the British Council for Serbia and the Western Balkans

Joint Conversations

Projects based on mutual understanding and those that bring people together are the best way to strengthen cultural ties between any country and the UK, says Clare Sears, Director of the British Council for Serbia and the Western Balkans.
Folk group from Koprivnica


A Small Country With a Rich Cultural Tradition

Traditional Croatian culture is characterised by exceptional diversity. Ecological conditions and the influences of the cultures with which the Croats have come into contact through history (Mediterranean, Central European, Ancient Balkan, Oriental, etc.), have resulted in the development of three specific regional cultures: Pannonian, Dinaric and Adriatic

Nordic Days Held in Sarajevo

Nordic Days 2016 organised in Sarajevo by Denmark, Norway, Sweden and Finland Embassies

Katarina Jovanović, Soprano, Professor at the Faculty of Musical Art

When You Fall, You Must Learn How to Stand up

What is happening today inevitably reminds me of the ‘90s, although without baseball bats in the streets, without people being chased, killed and buried in Topčider or some other forest. Everything else is characteristic of a relatively totalitarian regime that has a great love for tabloidisation of every type, including bad music, the dross in which we drown as though submerged in faeces

Culture Calendar

May 2016

Finnish Film Week Festival Opens

14.04.2016The fourth edition of the Finnish Film Week festival opened to a full house at the Culture Centre of Belgrade
Dobitnici godisnjih nagrada 1press

Yugoslav Drama Theatre Day

The Yugoslav Drama Theatre celebrated its 68th birthday with a party attended by members, associates and friends of the theatre.

Guy Weizman, Choreographer

Liberation Through Dance

Dance has always been the best kept secret for liberation. By liberating the body, the magic of dance permeates and opens room for debate on important issues, thereby pushing back certain borders within society. This is exactly what Netherlands-based international dance company Club Guy & Roni, led by Israeli artist Guy Weizman, has been doing since it was founded in 2002
Aja Jung

Aja Jung, ballerina and director of the Belgrade Dance Festival

I Can’t Recall a Single Day Without Dance

I've always loved dance. Ballet came into my life much later, when I was eight years old. My grandma is responsible for me going to ballet school, because she constantly took me to the theatre and often spoke of the time between the two wars, when some interesting Russian dancers and instructors showed up in Belgrade, bringing the aromas and atmosphere of the great stages and an amazing profession.
The Belgrade Dance Festival Announced

The Belgrade Dance Festival Announced

The 13th Belgrade Dance Festival, which is being held under the slogan “Happiness is Danced”, will take place from 19th March to 10th April in Belgrade and Novi Sad.
WWI Exhibition

WWI Exhibition

Within the traditional anniversary of the death of British doctor Elisabeth Ross, the embassies of the United Kingdom, Australia and Canada, in cooperation with the National Museum in Kragujevac, organised a photographic exhibition entitled “Allied Medical Missions in Serbia 1914-1918: The Role of the UK, Australia and Canada” at the Residence of Prince Mihailo.