Belgium Investor Develops Regional Mining

The focus of Belgian company Carmeuse on our region is reflected in large investments and the introduction of new technologies


About Belgium Crossroads Of Different Cultures

Located in the heart of Western Europe, Belgium enjoys a key position in the European and international economy. As one of the six founding states of the European Union and home to many international organisations, Belgium has always been a prosperous marketplace, in business with countries from all over the world. Even though Belgium has a fairly recent history (founded in 1830), its colourful past and location at the crossroads of different cultures has shaped the cosmopolitan character it has today

Belgium 2017

Sharing Responsibilities Geared Towards The Future
Open Door Days At The Embassy Of Belgium 2017

Open Door Days At The Embassy Of Belgium

Ambassador of Belgium to Serbia welcomed Serbian students who are studying law, economics and political science
Belgium Day At The PKS 2016

Belgium Day At The PKS

How to do business on the Belgian market

H.E. Leo D’aes, Ambassador of Belgium to Serbia

A Closer EU Will Be Our Response To Brexit

Six decades of EU integration have brought enormous benefits to EU citizens. These benefits now often seem be taken so much for granted that the long arduous path to reach it is ignored. Reversing common policies into national ones would prove to be very costly in many respects – says Ambassador Leo D’aes.

Belgium 2015

Special edition: Belgium 2015.

Belgium 2013

Special edition: Belgium 2013