Benelux Spring Networking Cocktail

Belgian-Serbian Business Association and the newly founded Dutch-Serbian Business Association had their first joint event – Benelux Spring Networking Cocktail at Hilton Belgrade. Bojan Leković, President of...

Presentation of the Business Opportunities for Belgian Companies in Serbia

Presentation on “Business Opportunities for Belgian Companies in Serbia” jointly organised by the Development Agency of Serbia (RAS), Economic and Trade Office - Embassy of Belgium, Belgian-Serbian Business Association and The Embassy of Belgium in Serbia was held in Belgrade. Read more

Presentation of the Business Opportunities for Belgian Companies in Serbia

Presentation on “Business Opportunities for Belgian Companies in Serbia” jointly organised by the Development Agency of Serbia (RAS), Economic and Trade Office - Embassy...

Business Opportunities for Belgian Companies in Serbia

21 Feb., 2019, Klub poslanika

BSBA – The Embassy of Belgium End of The Year Reception

The Annual General Assembly of the Belgian-Serbian Business Association (BSBA), held on December 12 and as always supported by the Ambassador of the Kingdom...
Alibunar Wind Farm Opened 2018

Alibunar Wind Farm Opened

Wind Energy for 38,000 more households Belgian company Elicio opened on September 11th another wind farm in Serbia, with 21 turbines with a total capacity...

New Belgian Ambassador to Serbia

Koenraad Adam

Koenraad Adam has an MA Degree from Ghent University in African History and Culture and a postgraduate Erasmus ‘Comparative Study of Knowledge Systems’ from...

Belgian-Serbian Business Association Host Farewell Dinner Party In Honor Of H.E....

Belgian Serbian Business Association (BSBA), headed by its President Mr Hugo van Veghel, hosted a dinner party for outgoing Ambassador H.E. Leo D’aes and...

Belgian National Day Celebrated In Belgrade

Ambassador of Belgium to Serbia, H.E. Leo D’aes and Mrs Monique Driesmans - D'aes, hosted a reception commemorating the country’s national holiday. In his speech,...

H.E. Leo D’aes, Belgian Ambassador To Serbia

Leaving The Door Open

Western Balkan countries which genuinely want to belong to the EU, and share and defend its basic values and political objectives, are being offered ample opportunities for implementing such a policy. The statement by German Foreign Minister, Sigmar Gabriel, on a “Berlin Process reloaded” is only the latest example of the willingness of the EU and member states to continue extending a helping hand to those committed to the EU project – Leo D’Aes
BSBA Members’ Evening 2017

BSBA Members’ Evening

The Board of Directors of the Belgian-Serbian Business Association (BSBA) organised a Members’ Evening at Belgrade’s IN Hotel to thank its members and friends for their continued support and dedication
Belgian National Day Commemorated

Belgian NationalDay Commemorated

Belgian Ambassador to Serbia, H.E. Leo D’aes, hosted a reception on the premises of the Embassy of Belgium in Belgrade to commemorate the country’s national holiday.

Marijana Milošević Tufegdžić, Economic Counsellor at the Belgian Embassy

A Satisfied Investor Is The Best Ambassador

Serbia has taken courageous steps to tackle different economic challenges, like reducing the deficit and boosting investment. Progress on EU accession also undoubtedly offers foreign companies reassurances that the business environment will be even more predictable, and increases interest among foreign partners. This is even more important for businesspeople than statistics and figures
Hugo van Veghel

Hugo van Veghel, Chairman of the Belgian-Serbian Business Association

Creating New Prospects For Cooperation

The Belgian-Serbian Business Association (BSBA) continues to support prospective investors and promote the country for business cooperation. Regular events organised by the BSBA provide our members with a platform for interacting and offer a variety of opportunities for networking, establishing new business contacts and new business opportunities


Belgium Investor Develops Regional Mining

The focus of Belgian company Carmeuse on our region is reflected in large investments and the introduction of new technologies


About Belgium Crossroads Of Different Cultures

Located in the heart of Western Europe, Belgium enjoys a key position in the European and international economy. As one of the six founding states of the European Union and home to many international organisations, Belgium has always been a prosperous marketplace, in business with countries from all over the world. Even though Belgium has a fairly recent history (founded in 1830), its colourful past and location at the crossroads of different cultures has shaped the cosmopolitan character it has today

Belgium 2017

Sharing Responsibilities Geared Towards The Future