Vuk Radojević, Provincial Secretary for Agriculture, Water and Forestry

I Will Use The New Knowledge And Experience Gained In NALED

Apart from Ministers Ana Brnabić and Branislav Nedimović, another NALED official, Vuk Radojević is now working in the public administration as the Secretary for Agriculture, Water and Forestry of the Province of Vojvodina

I became the president of the municipality of Bečej in 2012, and in the following year, we became members of NALED. As a result of NALED’s advice, the municipality of Bečej is today much closer to an authentic and professional service provider for its citizens than before 2012. Last year I was bestowed with a great honour when I was elected to be a member of NALED’s Executive Board.

The experience I gained from working for the Alliance, the knowledge I acquired, and the contacts I established with successful individuals and renowned experts give me a qualitative advantage in my work which would be difficult to gain in any other job.

I am confident about the quality of our future cooperation and the Alliance’s assistance in resolving the issues that are plaguing Serbian agriculture and that need a decisive response

My priorities are to attract local and foreign investors into Vojvodina’s agriculture, first and foremost into the processing sector; then to arrange the canal network, the drainage and a regional system for irrigation; thirdly to provide incentives for registered small and medium-sized agricultural holdings to intensify agricultural production and to build mini-processing capacities.

I would like to convey my sincere congratulations for the 10th anniversary of NALED, wishing them a lot of success in the future and the imminent accomplishment of joint goals.

Jelena Bojović, Director Of The Centre For The Fourth Industrial Revolution; NALED Programme Development Strategist

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