DNA Communications

DNA Communications

Brands Learn From Fails, Like People

This year, DNA Communications will celebrate its 18th birthday. Looking back at the market over the last two decades and everything that happened... we indeed feel proud. We are coming of age. It is not that we have just survived, but we have grown instead, year by year. Changed. That’s what growth is about, isn’t it?
DNA Communications

DNA Communications

Sprinting Through 2017

How to win a medal in each race and set a new personal record when you're running against Carl Lewis...

Dejan Ranđić, General Manager of DNA Communications

Crisis Is No Longer An Excuse

Consumer habits have been changing, and with them – ways to reach consumers. The difference is in new dedication to communication...

Dejan Ranđić, Entrepreneur With Initiative

Innovation And Entrepreneurship – A Chance for Growth

The projects “New beginning” and “ICT Hub” are two initiatives with the same underlying philosophy: innovation and entrepreneurship are the major drivers of an economy.