Grand Opening Of YAZAKI Factory In Šabac

The Japanese company YAZAKI, the world's leading manufacturer of cables for the automotive industry, officially opened a factory on September 26th, 2017 in Šabac

At present, the plant is one of the largest Green Field Investments in Serbia. The factory will produce electronic components for OEM trucks that will be exported to the European market.

The construction of the factory in Šabac started last year and lasted 258 days. Currently, YAZAKI is the largest factory in Šabac with a production section, offices, a stockroom, a cantine and an ambulance. Those are the standard rooms in YAZAKI plants all around the world to ensure a high quality work environment.

„Today, the YAZAKI Group operates in 46 countries and has 290,000 employees. Our corporate policy clearly entails a full commitment to sustainable, secure, and environmentally-friendly business operation. We have made it to where we are today by consistently striving for the needs of our customers and, by extension, society in general“, Shinji Yazaki, President of YAZAKI Corporation, pointed out and added that he is very greatful for the support they received from the Serbian Government, the city of Šabac, the Embassy of Japan, Daimler Trucks and their employees who jointly contributed to the realization of the corporate vision.

Just before the launch of the first production line, employees were trained at YAZAKI factories abroad. The Training Center in Serbia started in June, and employees acquired the necessary knowledge and skills in order to constantly improve business quality. This year, YAZAKI employed more than 500 people. By the end of 2019, 1,700 people will be employied at the new factory.